Headwaters Lake Florida- BIG Bass Techniques and Tips

The Headwaters Lake was stocked with 1 Million Bass and this video will show you a few techniques on how you can catch some BIG Bass in the Headwaters Lake on your next trip.


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7 Responses

  1. C Johnson says:

    Whopper "flopper!"😂

  2. Good stuff buddy! Subbed, throw one back our way if ya can! Keep it up!! Tight lines!

  3. John Ames says:

    Big thumbs up my friend 👍

  4. Bo Wagoner says:

    Looks like the plopper worked well. Try a large super fluke next time , i had some great action after i had talked to you. See you on the water my friend.

  5. Good show! We were there last week and caught a hefty bag! Huge Okeechobee shout out to you sir.

  6. Tim Beers says:

    The shad population is more the shiner population there. Great video

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