Headwaters Lake Florida- Crankbait Fishing Tips in the Heat

Headwaters Lake Fellsmere Florida is a great bass fishing lake. However, when you have bluebird skies the bite can be tough. This video will show you a way to catch fish in these tough conditions.


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8 Responses

  1. Thomas W says:

    Another vote for a medium action rod. I throw crankbaits on a medium action rod with 12lbs fluoro. I also set my drag to 20% of the rated line strength, which helps get good load up on the rod without overpowering the line or hooks. Sweep the rod to set the hook, let the rod load up, and it’s game on.

  2. Randy Lowman says:

    Hi Norm. Great video. I live in NC and looking to take a trip down to Headwaters Lake to fish. Any advice on a place to stay close by the boat ramp? I will have my boat too. Thanks!

  3. Have you tried fishing around all the dead trees on the west side of the lake by that pump station? Water looked a little dirty there but looks like it could hold some big bass.

  4. The Bryk says:

    Norm G will you do a late summer top water bate vid for us?
    Also you need some home blogs for the people?
    Lets grow this channel.

  5. ttmmm2001 says:

    Love your videos Sir! The fishing has been horrible in the north west since our heat wave hit, glad to see you are still catching monsters! Keep up the great videos and keep trying new things!

  6. Hey Norm – Great video and I like that you experiment. I try to fish Fellsmere Headwaters at least once a week, but I must say, you seem to be doing a bit better on your outings than I. Without giving too much away, are you fishing one of the enhanced areas, or one of the side lakes to the East of the main canal? It's hard to tell.

  7. John Ames says:

    Big thumbs up my friend 👍

  8. Bo Wagoner says:

    Norm i use a medium action rod for my crankbait set up. I think the softer action don't pull the hooks as hard as a medium heavy does.

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