Hot Bass, Hot Spot, Hot Day!

I’m fishing the middle of July on a really hot day in the Florida Everglades. I find a couple of canal intersections and the big bass are there. I catch a few frog fish early but the senko worm does the best with several big bass to 7 pounds.


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23 Responses

  1. Shawn Beck says:

    My father would say Son! Every time he caught a fish too. It brings back great memories for me. Thanks, Roland for your video's. See ya at the Lake's. Shawn Shawn

  2. AlexMarquez says:

    I saving for that boat set up… simple and practical

  3. AlexMarquez says:

    I guess, I going fishing this weekend but, some time, I don't have the time , someway how watching this videos, I just can relax and learn a lot.. thank you Sr..

  4. Early Adams says:

    New subscriber but I remember watching your show when I was younger with my dad when he was alive glad to see you still slaying big bass

  5. 🙌🤙😁check my new vid dude😁🤙🙌

  6. Don Thornton says:

    Always a pleasure glad you're making videos thanks Roland

  7. Jason Dean says:

    I took the day off work to go fishing and caught roughly 25 bass under 1 pound.

  8. Back using Senko worms. thanks for your instructions.

  9. Dave Trent says:

    Love Roland the Comic "I gotta friend" ie Gary Yamamoto. I do believe I've first heard that expression from Bill "Blooper" Dance~!
    It looks like prefer the cooler than a casting chair for more freedom of movement fighting the fish and getting around the boat.
    Really like learning your tips Roland and the way you teach~! By the way I feel your Helicopter lure inspired the designers of Spinker frog, and similar lures alike.
    See ya soon Brother ^5

  10. goirish560 says:

    Mr. Martin, thank you very much for posting these videos.

  11. 6atlantis says:

    Is Roland throwing his beat up senkos in the water lol?

  12. Ryan says:

    The Black and blue has been my best color on the senko. 🎣

  13. Me encanta el Blas bas es una pena que en el norte de España haya pocos sitios para la pesca

  14. One thing I've come to appreciate with you Roland is your patience. A lot of other anglers on youtube you can hear them get depressed or frustrated if they're not on the bite. I watch your videos with my kids because I want them to have your attitude for this sport.

  15. E. Caban Jr says:

    I really enjoy watching you, Mr. Martin! You had a great day on the water and I appreciate having been able to see it.

  16. Cats Meoow says:

    You fish and talk so much about that Senko worm even I want to eat one.

  17. Life goals…. I hope to enjoy bass fishing years and years from now the way you do Roland. Thanks for keeping the sport alive and making great videos. I don’t care what color senko it is, as long as it’s a green pumpkin 297!!!

  18. roggiedale says:

    Son isn't it nice Roland and Jimmy H are still at it for all of us to enjoy.

  19. I need to get to south Florida … Son you have found a Honey Hole !! Another Great video !!! Thanks

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