HUGE Bass in a Florida Golf Course Pond | Florida Bass Fishing

This video, we started at a close by lake but didn’t have very good luck there besides a couple on a wacky rig and one on a shiner head. We then went to a golf course we like to fish and our friend hooked up to a monster 7 3/4 pound bass! We hope you enjoyed the video! Please leave a like, comment, and subscribe!


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32 Responses

  1. Chip Altman says:

    Dude in blue shirt looked like he seen his first titty

  2. Paul Barrera says:

    My first time fishing in Florida I broke my pb and caught a 11.3 pound bass

  3. KANE BOLT says:

    “ It’s like a 10 pounder.” 😂

  4. Barking orders at the black kid. Toby. Lol

  5. Downhill says:

    Hold the scale by the hand hole (it weighs less when you hold it like you did in the vid)

  6. vits says:

    My pb is a 7.12 as well

  7. Luca206 says:

    Don't weigh fish by the gills if you're planning to release them.

  8. SarahDuck16 says:

    The way they release them🤦🏼‍♀️smh

  9. He picked her up by the belly 😣 disrespect

  10. TwS Clan says:

    I never understand why someone would spend hours for a good size fight and letting it go at the end… I’ll eat the bitch if it’s that big

  11. ATG says:

    bro it says no fishing😂

  12. lil Z says:

    Anybody else notice the "No Fishing" sign lol

  13. Noahnoda says:

    i got bigger and im just 9

  14. WesleyAPEX says:

    What is it with Florida and all of their no fishing ponds? Why the fuck do they stock the ponds then??

  15. WesleyAPEX says:

    The bass looked like 12 pounds and was 7? Wtf. Also that kid stepped on his own rod…..

  16. The kid was like, OMG? 🙂 🙂 <3

  17. FlatsHatter says:

    You kids need some etiquette. No way should you be treating fish like that. That's a perfect example of how to get banned from a good fishing hole.

  18. Very excited for your YouTube videos..this is a huge fish ..great catch!!!

  19. That is a beautiful healthy fish

  20. They have no idea on how to handle fish…and one of the boys stepped over a rod..But anyway, good catch…!!!!

  21. Steve Dupree says:

    Why is that all the good fishing spots say no fishing. FUCK that

  22. Ralph H says:

    Oh Damm 7.12 lb

  23. Ralph H says:

    Dude that's bigger than a 10

  24. Darcy Garrow says:

    kid laughs like a a clown. also dont hook him in he gills

  25. The shhhhhh shhhhhhh part. Great illegal fishing jimbos. Funny part is the golf course could use this as a legal proof yall were trespassing. Jimbos with ugly sticks.

  26. treat the fish better dont throw them back

  27. Brian Morton says:

    Could I give you my email I would like to stay in touch with you maybe you can invite me down to do some fishing with y a

  28. Brian Morton says:

    Hey guys I got one last question this is for the older gentleman with the bait caster what is that little rubber fish thing you're using I would like to know I get the name of it on the tip of my tongue but if you could tell me I would appreciate it

  29. Brian Morton says:

    Hey guys what's up this is Brian from Boston Massachusetts I live on the outskirts of Boston and I do a lot of Little Pond fishing and so forth I usually go into like little coves and stuff like that and I got a really big bass like that just so you know one of the best things they like if you're in like a little cold they like the shallow Runner Shad rap it's made by Rapala and another one you might want to use that's really good it looks like a little dark it's called the Tasmanian devil guys get it it never fails I'm so serious it never fails guys what were you guys using to catch that bass right there do you guys have an email and I can send you a picture of a smallmouth I got also I was using a Shad. You know how you catch shad and in the rivers the striped bass at chasing the Shad out to the ocean well I was fishing for Shad so I could freeze them and use them for chunk bait and I was in a bed of rocks and a smallmouth whacked it really hard and I love it because Smallmouth jump more than Largemouth do and this was in a big river and I was casting off under a bridge under rocks and it weighs guys that's a nice bass what were you guys using and if you don't mind if you could provide me with your email so I can send you some pictures of mine I would like to be friends with you guys cuz I do some big time fishing up here in Boston

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