Last day bass fishing here in Florida!

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26 Responses

  1. Blaine Welch says:

    did anyone else think the water was clear at first😂😂😂

  2. That is some nasty looking water. I don't even want my kittle medal boat in that stuff

  3. Jacob Sims says:

    You should fish the Butler chain of lakes in Florida

  4. Zayne Fowler says:

    I caught bigger bass in Florida bc ik his to caught them

  5. I've always said that up north anglers and their methods don't do as well when they come to Florida. Florida will humble your ass quick if you're too confident. The bass here are a different kind than up north so you've got to adjust your tactics.

  6. Honestly I tried them Zorro jigs and they suck… the guard is weak and breaks off after use.. .. but I was surprised you did not catch more bass in those areas..

  7. What do you use to edit videos

  8. Headed to flordia in three days fingers crossed!

  9. Caleb White says:

    “10 pounder” “11 pounder” “oh that’s definitely a 9” “that’s an 8 pounder”… wtf bro make up your mind

  10. Jesse Ybanez says:

    Bro you are fishing on coke

  11. Oh wow look at the water move. Ohh goddd… Stfu and fish

  12. fishing pro says:

    Tryna stand up for him Len 🐕

  13. fishing pro says:

    I agree Tristan satackhouse

  14. Joe Ramos says:

    His hook set is A1 i set mine just the same

  15. Jaelyn Bloom says:

    A 1000 mph lol haha

  16. Carl Kimbril says:

    Hey man I've been watching your videos for two and a half years and I live in florida in Polk county there is a very good lake in Polk county called sattle creek I've caught an 6 pound large mouth bass I would consider you to try it out some time

  17. The Captain says:

    Smh this dude is fishing a swim jig in Florida… you kidding me?

  18. Carter Cheek says:

    I swear u hit a line before each video u move so fast so much

  19. Felix Luna says:

    Watch Sccot Martin show and you will learn how to fish in all those places; he's the Best.

  20. Jeep Squad! says:

    What lake was that?

  21. Lukas Slager says:

    What happened to Joey's truck

  22. Where in Florida is this you guys can come to my house next time you guys come down to Florida, i have extra rooms we can set up a fishing week!?!?

  23. David Bruner says:

    Hey lunkers, what can i do to get a pole, rigged with your best setup, line and all…

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