I Hooked a DOUBLE DIGIT MONSTER Florida Largemouth Bass RODMAN RESERVOIR Ft.The North Florida Angler

I Hooked a DOUBLE DIGIT MONSTER RODMAN RESERVOIR Florida Largemouth Bass . Ft. The North Florida Angler. Well Myself and The North Florida Angler C.C. Corey head out to do some shiner fishing for largemouth monster bass on Rodman reservoir .We are on the hunt for the double digit monster bass. I have a really great day on the water. Subscribe to The North Florida Angler and My channel HOOKEM IN THE MOUTH KAYAK FISHING Holla at ya boy!
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31 Responses

  1. Shoot Yeah! HOOK EM IN THE MOUTH CHARLES! Congrats on your PB! Great job Man!

  2. SNAG ALIEN says:


  3. What a monster! Almost 11lbs. Awesome Charles!

  4. Hell Yeah!!! I’m over.Here smiling for you !! Shoot Yeah!!

  5. RWA Fishing says:

    Charles! That was fantastic! That big girl was darn near 11 pounds! and you "hookem in the mouth! Great video! I am so happy for you Bro!

  6. Gorgeous foggy sunrise! Looks like it turned out to be a fantastic fishing day. Awesome catches! Wishing you a beautiful evening x)

  7. DAMMMMM Bro you did Hookem in the mouth that was a freaking PIG awesome catch Congrats bro!!!!

  8. DM's MixUp says:

    Super great catch! Lunker Bass

  9. Jake Deal says:

    Yeah awesome one!! Congrats in the hog of a fish! That mouth was Huge!

  10. Reel Ninja says:

    All up in that mouth!

  11. That was a great moment Charles! Glad I was there with you when you caught your first double digit bass! SHOOOOOOOT YEAH!!!!!

  12. Hook ups!!!! From the hook master!! And fish on later!!

  13. That bass didn’t wanna come out of the water lol! Nice double digit

  14. Just saw that beast you caught on C.C.'s Channel. BRO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That was BEAST!!! Congrats on your new P.B., you've been grinding for a minute and deserve every bit of it.

  15. Dang… Man that's a beast Charles
    Congrats man some real nice ones 4 sure

  16. led8541 says:

    That Bass is a beast congrats on your first over 10 hopefully there will be many more to come

  17. raWr Fishing says:

    Congrats man, you are officially in the 10lb club!

  18. congratulations on your big bass damn that was huge

  19. FLORIDA BFF says:

    great catch, hope you can get. something even bigger next time. 🙂

  20. Monster there Charles. Super nice fish right there man. And to top it all off you got it all on tape so can't nobody say nothing.

  21. It's a Beast!!! Hookem in the mouth!

  22. Boi you had me tense as hell! I felt like I was catching that monster. Hella dope fam hella dope.

  23. That's definitely a shoot-yeah moment! Shoot yeah! 10.14lbs! What a beauty Charles! Congrats!🙌🤘

  24. Pescaria top amigo parabéns, forte abraço e fique com Deus

  25. Shoot Yeah Babe you did it!

  26. U Florida guys got it made…warm weather and giant bass!!

  27. terry mapes says:

    Big mama! Good for you Charles!

  28. Hell yeah brother..That was freakin' awesome…👍👍👍

  29. That fog lifted and the sun started shining!! Y'all were catching some real nice fish, then boom!! Absolute monster!! Congrats on the PB bruh! Shoot ya!

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