i Love fishing small Lakes!!!

Catching Black bass in a small Lake. the Weather was Beautiful. i caught tow nice sized bass. Lots of Fun!!! 🙂


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5 Responses

  1. Jag Fishing says:

    Them little places are the best. I will take small bodies of water over big lakes any day. Great job and awesome video. New friend here, check me back if you can. Tight lines!

  2. awesome video hey I did a small pond challenge on my channel also I subscribed to your channel I'd appreciate it if you can return the favor

  3. Excellent video mate! You must check out my recent Fishing vids perhaps you will enjoy it.😀

  4. Paul Carr says:

    ready for some 2019 white bass videos . when does the run start ?

  5. We love fishing little lakes too. Love the look of the swimbaits

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