Income and Tournament Report – Updated Oct 27th

For the 2018/19 Bass Season I will be tracking tournament expenses, including my share of fuel for tournaments and scouting, lodging, and entry fees. Will not be calculating lures, line, rods for sanity reasons!

Balance: -$410.00
Total Winnings: $0.00
Total Expenses: -$410.00

Best Tournament Finish 2018/2019: 11th Place
Heaviest Bag: 11Lb
9/9/18 Orange Lake, Finished 11th out of 52, 6.72 Lb Bag (Unofficial)
10/6/18 Lake Okeechobee Regional, Finished 51st out of 89, 5.51 Lb Bag
10/7/18 Lake Okeechobee State, Did Not Weigh Due to Boat Trouble
10/20/18 Lake Toho, Finished 25th out of 75, 11.00 Lb Bag

October Income for the month: $-205.00
October Expenses:
-Fuel: $50.00
-Hotel: $50.00
-Meals: $30.00
-Tournament Entry Fees: $75.00

September Income: -$195.00
September Expenses:
-Fuel: $50.00
-Hotel: $100.00
-Meals: $20.00
-Tournament Entry Fees: $25.00

August Income: -$10.00
August Expenses:
-Fuel: $0.00
-Hotel: $0.00
-Bass Card: $10.00
-Tournament Entry Fees: $0.00

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