JT Kenney's Florida Spinnerbait Bass Fishing Secrets

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In this on the water bass fishing class, retired FLW fishing tournament champion and upcoming MLF Bass Pro Tour commentator JT Kenney is fishing tannic water down in Florida. Something about this water makes dark color spinnerbaits a great choice. Tannic water can be clear, but have a stain to it, and that stained color makes the these dark colors great for fishing for bass. Learn how to catch Florida strain largemouth bass fishing with a spinnerbait.

In this video we try to answer the following questions:
What color spinnerbait should I fish in tannic water?
How do I catch bass on a spinnerbait?
How do Florida largemouth differ from Northern largemouth?

In this bass fishing instructional video, JT is fishing with a Nichols Pulsator Spinnerbait -https://www.tacklewarehouse.com/Nichols_Pulsator_Metal_Flake_Double_Willow_Spinnerbait/descpage-NPMFSPB.html?from=butv

This full class on how to catch bass when fishing around grass with a spinnerbait in Florida’s tannic water is available to PRO subscribers at https://bassu.tv/bass-fishing-video/fishing-a-spinnerbait-in-tannic-water-jt-kenney


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2 Responses

  1. Russ B says:

    I fish a lot of dark colored spinnerbaits up here in the Northeast under really low light conditions and at night.. the day Strike King discontinued they are 38 special with the black blue flake blades and black blue skirt with the grass bell I almost shed a tear because I only had four of them left and I wood absolutely murder them on it at times. Then again on extremely cloudy late fall days the same 38 Special spinnerbait with the white blades and white skirt would be the ticket….

  2. BassGeek says:

    I fish a lot of highlands reservoirs and I love to fish a gill color in 1oz so it contours the step drops of the banks.

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