Kayak Bass Fishing Lake Jackson Florida

Located just north of Tallahassee, this 4,000-acre lake has been nationally known for its largemouth bass fishery. This lake has a high diversity of aquatic vegetation, but hydrilla, eelgrass, and maidencane are the best habitats to fish for bass in this lake.

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33 Responses

  1. Looks like a fun day! Even the Gators are out enjoying the Sun

  2. Hi friend. i will visit Lake Jackson in April. Do you have some recomendations about fishing equipment and if is necessary have a fish licence ? Are you a fishing guide?

  3. Lake Jackson is one of the best fishing spots in Tallahassee! I love it I hit a few big ones out there myself but awesome video I subbed! 👍🏽

  4. JaxBaron says:

    Looked like a awesome time. What brand/ model kayak do you have?

  5. Gators wont mess with you unless you are eating a turkey leg for lunch !

  6. Great video, Thanks for sharing.

  7. Alfredo L2 says:

    So cool and peaceful video! Mutual support and sub from me.

  8. Thats some thick veg!! Glad you were able to stick a couple of them!!

  9. Yakin with gators! Yikes

  10. Two decent unweighed fish John. Man I was hoping to see a hawg caught on the frogs I sent you, none the less good day for you.

  11. That looks like frog/punchin heaven!

  12. Hi very nice video I like New sub for you I hope you sub for me back thanks

  13. Great video as always, nice bass fishing!

  14. That is a nice first Lake Jackson bass John!

  15. That's what you call a lily pad field. Tons of them!

  16. I’m not sure I’d like fishing in the same waters as gators!

  17. looks like a good lake and looks like a great day also. Good job.

  18. FYI….Hyundai is having a memorial day event…also…this is the coolest fishing spot ever!! Wow

  19. Nice Couple of bass and I hope you go back there after the rains we are having because you know there's some monster bass in there, Oh yeah the gators are starting to do their thang so be careful they might think your sexy lol . Take care brother !

  20. I look like a nice steak to a gator SCREW THAT!!! That looks way to sketchy for my to be in the water!! I mean whar happens when the water explodes and up comes a gator to say hello!! Its not the gator thats gonna get me its the freakin heart attack lol

  21. Nice lake buddy not to sure I would be keen on the whole paddling with gators lol

  22. Overcast and shallow water dude i call for a frog

  23. Man y’all were fishing some heavy cover.

  24. Great day in the pads, good patience of waiting a couple seconds to set the hook.

  25. FCS Channel says:

    Weedless swimbaits and frogs are a must on Jackson. I can put in on crowder rd with my boat, just saying.

  26. Manu Et fish says:

    Salut mon ami très belle vidéo bonne journée

  27. Bass Nazi says:

    Awesome as always man!!!

  28. Wes Lovelace says:

    Nice Finns!! Flippin Pads is Reely almost the only way 2 Catch on Jackson. There have been some Reel Hoggs pulled from the Lake over the Years….Thanks 4 sharing…

  29. Nice video. Looks like a great lake to fish top water

  30. Awesome vid!💯💪👊LET'S GO!!!

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