Kayak Fishing Backwaters for Florida's Other Snook Species

My buddy Taylor and I embarked on a journey down a river in search of weird snook species. Extremely long day full of learning. Hope you enjoy(ed) the video!

Fat snook 2020


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12 Responses

  1. .Ya suscrito a su canal, te invito para que visites mi canal. Saludos desde Costa Rica.

  2. Bryce Bassin says:

    I have a spot in the Sebastian river where you can catch like 20 tarpons snook, tarpon, sword spines, and commons

  3. Hooking dem big scale skinny snook sticks. Awsome vid a usual 👊👍

  4. im already excited for the new video!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Kauveh Rad says:

    Fat eznook for prez 2020

  6. fish fear you OWO but big snookie wooki want be frens and pres :))

  7. Alex 954 says:

    I registered to vote early so I won't forget to vote for fat snook this election! #fatsnook2020

  8. Solid content. Thanks for uploading.

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