Lake Eden, Inverness Florida

Found a new lake and it turned out to be a great choice.


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6 Responses

  1. YourNextCast says:

    What is up my man? How have you been? I know it is tough when you lose one like that. Would have loved to see you swing that one in. Looks like you had good action. FL has endless lakes and all of them are loaded. That canal you were in, looked real nice. Nothing like some good ol sight fishing. Keep it up bro.

  2. New friend, Flo suggested you.

  3. MEGAHOUSE TV says:

    have u ever caught any snake heads down there I hear there all over

  4. Love fishing Florida! Awesome Job

  5. I have seen some monsters caught in Henderson on Facebook. Nice video bruh!The big girls coming soon for you

  6. Wes Lovelace says:

    I'm surprised you missed that one on the south side of Henderson….Some nice fish on the back side….If you continue east thu a canal there's a cut to several lakes to the south….Google!! Another 10 miles north on 41 there are the Arbor Lakes(Lake Hernando)….Now that's got a lot of real estate….Sea Ya!!

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