Lake Kissimmee Tournament Bass Fishing – We Caught a GIANT!

Tournament Bass Fishing is what’s made Lake Toho and the Kissimmee Chain of Lakes famous. In this video, we caught a Giant Kissimmee Chain Bass during the Toho Marine & Outdoors Help Our Hero’s Tournament. We had over a 29 pound limit of Largemouth Bass! But did we win? Watch and see!

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Chuck Pippin Jr.
Chuck Pippin Fishing, Inc.


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24 Responses

  1. Chuck Pippin says:

    It has come to my attention that, because of this video, some people think that I was fishing “unmarked illegal” brush piles. It’s very clearly stated in the tournament rules that is not allowed. Sooo if I were doing that, why on earth would I post a video highlighting it. I’ve been fishing competitively for 23 years. It’s a dumb assumption that I would do something like that. Every brush pile I fished was a “State planted” fish attractor, which are not against the rules to fish. Take a look at some of my recent videos and you can clearly see the big white/orange markers in the background. I’m on the water guiding almost every day. I don’t have time to idle around the lake side imaging & searching for other anglers illegal brush piles. Lastly, it’s a $5,000 fine if you’re caught planting illegal brush piles. And, I’m sure I would lose my captains license if I were caught doing it. So, there’s no way I would jeopardize my entire career do that when the “legal” state planted brush piles are already full of giant bass.
    Thanks you,
    Chuck Pippin Jr.

  2. Tristian Cox says:

    the big one jumped at 7:23 !

  3. BassFool69 says:

    That was awesome, way to go guys and kuddo's to big fish Billy on some big momma's. don't understand the unmarked brush pile thing,

  4. Kale Watson says:

    Holy crap! That’s a huge bag bro, I can’t believe you didn’t win.

  5. Kyle Scott says:

    Damn 6th. Grat vid. Ill have to come for a trip. First time cn u. Great stuff. Goid fishn.

  6. Jimi Jamz says:

    Great job guys! I want to fish a tournament with you so bad Chuck. If you ever need a co angler I am down lol for free too lol

  7. Dave C says:

    Lol at the longnose gar rolling

  8. Chuck Pippin says:

    UPDATE: 😬 I just learned that we did not get 2nd big fish for the tournament as I stated in the video. We actually had the 3rd biggest fish of the tournament

  9. Ty PigPatrol says:

    Solid limit! Great video!

  10. D Cogbro says:

    Awesome video I would be proud of that bag!

  11. wjsarac says:

    What in the world?!

  12. Huggy Huggy says:

    Awesome. What kind of side scan unit do you use?

  13. Josh Moore says:

    Billy better be a dad b/c those tall white socks with the boat shoes are def a dad move. Way to put the hammer down fellas. The K chain has been on fire.

  14. Sean Clark says:

    Love to see you excited like that. Great day of fishing

  15. lester23231 says:

    Awesome video Mr. pippen. Can’t wait to fish with u next summer for our 4th time. Keep up the great videos

  16. Aaron Parker says:

    Sure says a lot about a fishery when that bag don't win! Great job Chuck & big fish Billy! Getem next time!

  17. Big Fish Billy is in the house. Great video Chuck, Sounded like a few semi's on the water.

  18. Kelly Mason says:

    Congrats on the finish. Sixth in 80+ boats is good. But it’s always nice to win. Maybe next time. 🤙🏻

  19. Rock Nemo says:

    Man that was awesome, glad you shared. You guys whack 29 lbs and come in 6th, that is brutal. What was the winning weight and big fish? You should not of let Big Fish Billy ever retire!

  20. nice bag and billy was crackin them I now see I need to locate brush I was there last weekend and fished shallow but deep is where its at great vid tite lines

  21. Ben Paquin says:

    Busting em! Good stuff man.

  22. Tyson Norton says:

    6th is better than 7th 😆
    Great vlog as always

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