Lake Parker, Lakeland Florida Biggin

Had a good day of Lake Parker in Florida. First time here but we got a few.


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6 Responses

  1. YourNextCast says:

    Man they were hitting in those pads. I would have liked to seen that first one that broke off. Were you fishing with braid? Nice seven pounder man. So wish you could get one of those in a tournament.

  2. ReelJourney says:

    Nice day. Catching them in the pads. I lost like 5 in the pads at lake Pasadena the other day. I'm not even uploading it lol pissed me off

  3. MEGAHOUSE TV says:

    Man I wish I lived in Florida

  4. John Ames says:

    Some great looking fish my friend

  5. Dude I'm fishing that Lake

  6. Looks like a nice lake. I think I have seen Rattletrap Fishing over there before. That 7 pounder was a tank!

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