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Bass Fishing on Lake Toho on a fog filled morning that turned into a warm sunny day. – Get your first Mystery Tackle Box order for only $5.00, new customers Only. Or, go to and use my promo cod “CHUCK” to join!

The Bass fishing wasn’t great on this day. I think there were several factors that contributed to this. The day started off super foggy and calm. In a short amount of time, it became sunny and hot. We were also just a few days after a cold front, and on the backside of the full moon, all during the heart of the spawning season. Lake Toho, and the Florida Largemouth Bass that it’s full of, doesn’t like sudden / weird weather changes. But, Tad & I made due with what we had. Hope you enjoy the video!

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15 Responses

  1. Bo M says:

    Congrats Tanner! You're gonna love the box man. Chuck hooks it up nice.

  2. I’ve fished the “old man’s tourney” before and they are not to be taken lightly. Old men can unleash old fashioned butt whipping. LOL

  3. Congrats Tanner. Enjoy!!!!

  4. good video, catch them up in the tournament.

  5. Bruce Fry says:

    Good luck in the local tournament.

  6. Kyle Scott says:

    Lets get the subs up!!!

  7. Where’s the unhookr for that bass at 6:32???

  8. kehi66 says:

    Can’t wait for the trip next week with you and my brother

    Kevin H

  9. Ken D says:

    Nice video thought you were going to start getting some of the local lakes though like Conway Etc

  10. steve major says:

    Is that you in the minn kota commercial

  11. Chuck i found it
    Hi from Frank from holland

  12. N5KDA says:

    Congrats Tanner.

  13. Epic! Please make more. Let's build each other up. 😮

  14. Randy C says:

    Looking forward to getting out with you again soon, Chuck. Another good day on my lake today. Caught 10 that included a 5-13 and a 5-0. Great time of year to fish in Florida!

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