Largemouth Bass Fishing Florida Ponds

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Jared Tuck


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11 Responses

  1. I agree with what you were saying, I'd rather have a heavier rod if I have the choice

  2. Matt Shafer says:

    Fish that pond many times and caught some giants out of there get your self some black and blue chatter baits and trailer them with a white swim bait cast out as far as you can and slow roll it back .Just a tip Florida bass love black and blue colors down here . Tight lines bro…

  3. Nice Video. Great work. Love bass fishing!!!!

  4. Sweet! Whats your favorite lure to throw?

  5. Man oh man it looks so warm there! I got a high of 4 degrees today!

  6. Ralph Barton says:

    Nice one Jared, keep up the good work

  7. Awesome video you can’t beat the fishing in Florida! Nice hook ups!

  8. Nice video. Go to the sportsman exit 105. There's a channel that connect to the new river just below the damn. Usually have amazing luck there. Normally don't give out my holes but being new to this area, I've learned many through your videos.

  9. I watch tatical bassin all the time seen the same video yeah there's some biggins in that pond

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