More Florida Bass on the Fly with Top Water Poppers

Much like the video a few days ago, same trip just getting better at editing (I’m a newbie) and a lot more content. I condensed it down to a lot of missed fish and dialog and then actually landing some fish. I caught so many I eventually quit filming. It was epic numbers caught but all small. That being said small with numbers on top water on the fly…heaven.


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4 Responses

  1. derekspace says:

    Yo Killer, I've noticed it too, some bass just fight harder.Thanks for the comment.

  2. Killer Fuzz says:

    In Texas the Small Native Bass fighter harder than the stockers. I fish this creek and I had a 3lber crack a Ferrell on my fly rod

  3. Killer Fuzz says:

    Cool Trip Florida is awesome

  4. sootch00 says:

    The fish were eager! lol! That makes for an exciting time….. plus the weather looks nice. Thanks Bro

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