Multispecies Fishing Florida Canal (Bluegill, Mayan Cichlids , Wild Shiner , Large Mouth Bass..)

So i put a pole up on social media on what kinda of video should i do next and you guys voted micro fishing . So i went out to Coconut Creek, Florida for about a hour and had landed prefect Bait fish of all kinda . From blue gill all the way down to wild shiners . When im getting ready for a day on the water of live bait fish i enjoy getting the bait because you never know what your going to run in to … .
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4 Responses

  1. OneTrayBitch says:

    Dropping gems💪🏾

  2. Nice vid bro it was fun to see u catch so many fish, 😂 can’t believe u cought some bass

  3. For a second I thought I was watching one of my own videos lol

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