My 12 favorite lures and tackle for big Florida bass

I show the complete best lineup of rods, line and tackle for catching big Florida bass! My 12 favorite patterns are discussed. Mostly power fishing with a little finesse fishing flavor as well!


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35 Responses

  1. Ch Chh says:

    Didnt say much about the rods n reel

  2. Greg Taylor says:

    Like so many of the fishermen out here, I grew up watching your show. Didn’t have cable so I’d rent your videos. Brings back memories of dad and I watching your videos.

    Good luck and thanks for the information.

  3. Peter Pham says:

    Wealth of knowledge learn every video

  4. Brent Buck says:

    I've read your book!

  5. Daniel Jones says:

    I've been following Roland Martin since I was a kid. (20+ years) Love the Youtube channel Roland! Keep up the great tips, we definitely appreciate it!

  6. Slipshank D says:

    in spring the smithwik copper black top along weed lines is great.

  7. Great info. Thank you. I'm an old man learning how to catch Bass for the first time and your vidios are a great tutor.

  8. Shawn Beck says:

    Roland Martin! The G.O.A.T. The real one! Thanks, Roland. Still learning. Shawn

  9. Roland as far as throwing those swimbaits goes, you like just pegging a bullet weight upfront instead of using the weighted swimbait hooks? Any reason?

  10. Dude just give it a break. I know you’re a legend but you aren’t doing yourself any favors doing these videos on YouTube…

  11. Roland, I am 42 years old. I've been watching you, Jimmy, Bill & Hank since I was about old enough to watch anything. Some of the best memories of my life are laying on the couch on the weekends with d💛d watching y'all's shows. Love you right back! 👍

  12. mike bernard says:

    Roland got a haircut. let's see if he catches fish now.

  13. Rusty Lee says:

    Good luck! Show 'em how it's done.

  14. Your 101 book is great, it helped me, and made me a better spinnerbait fishermen, and yes, a pattern fishermen. I still read it, and love the stories too.

  15. Hey Roland, If you take me fishing I'll bring the beer!

  16. Thanks for making all these great videos Roland!

  17. Bill White says:

    Hey Roland could you show how you tie that double line on the Devil's Horse? Hope the tournament goes well for you.

  18. Gary Bond says:

    Good luck Roland.
    Thanks for the tips.

  19. bobfishnut says:

    Great guy! Thanks for sharing and all the memories throughout the years! I became hooked in the early 80s when I was in the military and never stopped!

  20. arciefan says:

    Outstanding going over your barrage of baits!

  21. Love ur videos thx Roland

  22. Anyone notice that was a Thunder Cricket not a Jackhammer lol

  23. John Blossom says:

    More great information.

  24. What do u think the best lures for ct bass are

  25. hey Roland I like to fish with you my man

  26. Hillary Sue his granddaughter.
    3 generations of YouTube fishing channels.

  27. rage5606 says:

    Man, that about covers it!

  28. Great video!!!!!! So well done Roland….thank you Sir…..awesome

  29. Rodney Green says:

    I'll check out the Buzz Bait.
    I learn a lot from you in fishing different types of lures.
    Keep teaching the Viewers these great methods.
    Good luck in the Tournament.
    Take Care.

  30. Dan StL says:

    I really enjoy your tips and stories. Not only are are your videos helpful, but they are also fun! Thanks Roland!

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