Night Fishing in Florida for Black Crappie!

Cold and tough evening, ran off and left my phone behind. Had a few malfunctions with the camera gear and had my settings change somehow but managed to catch some of the action! We ended the night with 7 specks and a small bass that had a messed up spot on him. Thanks for all the support lately I am almost at the required 4000 hours now for YouTube partner program. Smash that like and subscribe button and turn on notifications if you haven”t already so you dont miss any uploads!!!

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Music by TwinsBeats:

My video of the DIY fishing lights:

More crappie fishing videos:


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18 Responses

  1. Fishin Money says:

    I usually drop my light deep is there a benefit to having it up closer?

  2. Shiner Sam says:

    Good job guys 👍

  3. Nice action in this cold nights 👍
    Good video 🙂🐟

  4. Nice! Enjoyed the view buddy…I can smell the fried fish now 🙂

  5. how many different kinds of crappie can you catch in florida?

  6. Wes Lovelace says:

    Another night of soon to be Slabs swimming in Peanut oil!!

  7. John Ames says:

    I really enjoyed this video I like how you made it very nice big like my friend

  8. Amazing Video Brother, Keep it Up 🎣💪🏻

  9. Great video guys, what a beautiful night🤘🇦🇺

  10. Great video bro!!!👍👍👍

  11. Awesome bro I can't wait to get on my first black crappie

  12. That big crappie was a slab!

  13. You guys are very consistent at this!

  14. mike love says:

    do u put the light @ water level reguardless of how deep u are fishing and does the light have weights in the tube to hold it vertical

  15. I'm not sure what malfunctions you had with the camera but the image looks really good from this end. In fact I was wondering what camera and editing software you use. I'm getting ready to invest in some better equipment and any recommendations are appreciated. The old iPhone 5 and iMovie 11 aren't cutting it any more. Nice video as always.

  16. Good jobs. Fishing with speed boat. Semoga sucses

  17. Aji Subowo says:

    Wow amazing, nice video brother

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