Orlando Pond Fishing Challenge | Catching Bass from the Shore

In Orlando, Pond fishing for Bass, from the shore, a dock, or a boat can be one of the best and easiest ways to catch quality Largemouth Bass. Central Florida is covered with small lakes and ponds, and they’re all full of fish. Getting access to these ponds and lakes can sometimes be a challenge, as most of them are surrounded by private property. So, my son, Parker, and I have started our Orlando Pond Hopping Challenge. In this first video, we’re fishing from the shore / docks on a couple of the Fish Orlando Fab 5 Lakes:

1. Turkey Lake at Bill Frederick Park – http://www.cityoforlando.net/parks/bill-frederick-park-turkey-lake/

2. Lake Underhill –

More information on these lakes can be found on the official Orlando Fab 5 website: http://myfwc.com/conservation/freshwater/fish-orlando/

In a nutshell, these 5 lakes are managed for either catching large numbers of Bass or for Trophy sized Bass.

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Thanks for watching,

Chuck Pippin Jr.


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27 Responses

  1. Tim Prall says:

    glad to see you out with your son, thats awesome. if or when you go to ivanhoe, if you go to the west side of the bridge you will find tons of bank fishing places and should find sucess also.

  2. Idk about the fab 5 lakes but you and your son would enjoy lake Highland it's right by the Ivanhoe boat ramp. But you two especially him would have good chance at a nice one there's alot of quality fish but it's a lil bit grassy, so not alot of people fish it. Just a suggestion while fishing downtown ( I've got four from Highland over 7 lbs). Good luck to both of y'all

  3. Just moved to Orlando from Kansas this video is so helpful

  4. Living around Apopka/ downtown Orlando, I find it nearly impossible to find place to fish from the shore. It is very frustrating since there are so many lakes and ponds nearby but I find it very difficult to find a place that isn't marked by no trespassing signs.

  5. Next time try a can of sweet corn kernels as bait… first take a few and toss it in the water, then put one on a hook and cast out near flowing drain pipes or in the middle of the lake

  6. I'm from Brazil…and I've been at the first lake last week! the same pier, two bites, texas rig!!! next month will be at orlando again, will love to try to catch a urban bass!!!!!!! great video guys! priceless to see the little fisherman with his first bass strike!

  7. Bro this is a awesome video my wife just had our daughter im looking forward to taking her out 🎣🎣🎣🎣🎣🎣🎣

  8. Great video. I recognised that lake from my YouTube video, very similar fishing with my young son too. If you see my Large Mouth bass video, you see towards the end where he catches a catfish on a chatter-bait (crazy or what?).

  9. Hey dude I live in doctor Philips Orlando and do a lot of inshore fishing in st peat Florida I’m getting into bass fishing and I’m doing the same exact thing pond hopping on my bike you have any lure suggestions or pole and reel suggestions I can send you a pic of my area if you have a Instagram

  10. Kale Watson says:

    Parker is a hoot! lol

  11. Kale Watson says:

    Chuck, you are killing me with the ‘SHROOM’ between scenes/edits. It sounds like speakers are going to explode…just a thought ya know

  12. That's how you put In work .. solid performance.. subbed and hit that thumbs up

  13. Nice video! Some days are like that though. We will be down there Monday for ICAST if y’all want to link up and collab on some pond hopping

  14. jake murphy says:

    I live in orlando

  15. Chuck nothing like fishing with your kid. Glad you guys had fun, i tried to like it 5 million times but it would only let me do it once. Tight Lines….

  16. Julian says:

    Good video. It would be a great video without the sound effects.

  17. Bo M says:

    Any video where you and your son are making memories deserves a "like". You get one from me Chuck.

  18. Ken D says:

    Well at least we're moving a little closer to that Conway Chain video!! LOL

  19. Very cool. Looks like Parker had a good time.

  20. Quality time spent with your boy! I have rented one of the Turkey Lake john boats. Very reasonable and a lot of fun. Caught a few nice fish there too.

  21. I might get on my friends john boat and search the lake

  22. True dat ill be fishing it alot in the morning and after noon ill comment if I get any luck

  23. Ill be renting one of the john boats they have there

  24. Hey man where was that you should do a vid at the lake by your house where I met you

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