Parkland Florida big bass fishing – non-stop

Parkland Florida big bass fishing – non-stop
These gated community lake behind the single houses are the best place in Fort Lauderdale for fishing. No iguna, just a lot of bass. Do need to watch for crocodile. Sharpen your hooks so fish don’t get away once it is hooked or replace them with new hooks.
Captain Steve’s tip today – Mirro suspenind lure is a very effective crank bait against shallow water. It will sink very very slowly so just cast out and twitch the bait slowly and reel half a turn and repeat. This mirro lure I used is very much looking like a mini peacock bass. It is designed for Snook, tarpon fishing but very effective for fresh water fishing too – I have caught bullseye snakehead, peacock bass, bass, cichlid. LOL, just haven’t caught a taron or snook with it yet..
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  1. Looked like fun buddy thanks for sharing!

  2. not a bad day of fishing

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