Peacock Bass Fishing Florida Canals (Ft. Nate's Custom Baits) | Man Made Customs

(1080 HD) In today’s episode, we use a fishing lure from our website that is normally used for Largemouth Bass. We wanted to test this lure on some Florida Peacock Bass to see if they would bite. Subscribe to be entered in future giveaways! Peacock bass fishing in Florida canals is one of the best ways to get a fight with minimal effort.

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5 Responses

  1. Fishy Angler says:

    Peacock is such a beautiful fish. I really want to get down to Florida and catch some. 👍

  2. Beautiful Peacocks man. Great Fish!

  3. Nicee fish man 🤙🤙🤙C&R EVER hug from puertorico

  4. MMFishing says:

    Great Vid, I love any fishing related videos 😀 I subbed to you and liked your video can you do the same for me? Thanks, keep up the great work bro!!!!

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