Peacock Bass Fishing in Miami Lakes, Ponds, and Canals! | Live Shiners and Lures

In today’s video, Junior and I are going fishing for some Peacock Bass in some South Florida lakes, ponds, and canals.

We started the day with some live shiners, which are small shad that are great bait fish. Peacock bass eat these things like candy, and they sometimes even swallow the shiners up the minute they hit the water. With the shiners, Junior and I were able to snag a few peacocks hiding underneath a small bridge.

After a few catches, we switched to artificial baits in order to practice our techniques. Junior used a shallow-dive crankbait, while I used a jerkbait. The wobbly, rapid movements of each lure is plenty to entice a peacock bass, which are highly territorial. We both got some solid strikes on the artificial lures.

We then went to another spot where we used the rest of our shiners. We managed to get some nice strikes from peacocks, but we fumbled the release on both of them. We tried to toss the peacocks out into the pond, since the shallows were very muddy and grassy. Junior ended up throwing in his fish-grips into the pond with the peacock, and the same thing happened to me shortly after (Even though the fish grip wrist wrap broke on me). Obviously not our best releases, but it happens.

Peacock bass fishing in South Florida is an extremely fun fishing outing, and we hope that anyone who is down in this area will experience the action themselves!


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2 Responses

  1. 3F with GF says:

    great job, is that in kendall somewhere?

  2. Kayla Buell says:

    Wow you’re a failure lol 😂 great video guys!

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