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South Florida is defined by water management. Water must flow to the ocean from the swamps and canals were created to help manage that flow. Within this system of canals is an incredible diversity of life. One of the kings of these waterways is the peacock bass. Beautiful, aggressive and loads of fun on a 5-7 wt fly rod. Justin Nguyen, a transplant trout fishing guide from Indiana, has made urban or land based fishing his bitch. To say he is dialed in just doesn’t cover it. He is at home cruising the streets looking for points of ingress, so he can wet a line.

This is a short clip from and hour long video where he breaks down his approach to fly fishing the canals and small lakes of S. Florida for peacock bass and other species.

If you want to fish with Justin, here is his contact info: 954-681-CAST and

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