Port Macquarie Bass Fishing

A trip to Port Macquarie on a road trip north to catch up with my good friend Phill (@bass_Phill72) (check out port Pet Stock if you’re in the area). Its been a few trips to port since I have caught a good fish and this trip was finally an exception. Thanks to Phill and James for the session!

ACM THFB 4-10lb BC
ACM immortal 8-14lb BC
10lb and 15lb braid
10lb and 16lb leader
Pontoon 21 loco Peritto
Damiki MTB Buzz



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8 Responses

  1. Jag Fishing says:

    Awesome video man good stuff! Nice fish brother youre doing it right! Almost to 1,000 man!!!! New friend here, check me back if you can. Tight lines

  2. vin18m says:

    Nice vid, man that baitcaster is noisy on the cast!

  3. Cranking out the bass vids. Good to see you got onto some better fish.

  4. Good stuff man I’ve fallen off that log many times haha good to see some fish up there

  5. Awesome vid mate. Love seeing the lures that your using, makes me spend more money though.
    Keep the vids coming👍

  6. Damiki Craft says:

    Murray Cod is such an awesome fish..

  7. Damiki Craft says:

    Murray Cod is such an awesome fish..

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