PreSpawn Fishing Florida

Went to my local lake to do some prespawn fishing.


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11 Responses

  1. Kade Channel says:

    what a great fun time fishing there! btw, it's a great view from there huh? amazing!

  2. Jacob Roland says:

    Idk if the video is old. But Florida pre spawn is like December and January. Not tryna disrespect or give hate, just tryna make sure you’re throwin what will work

  3. John Ames says:

    What a great video my friend stay safe buddy 👍👍😷

  4. RWA Fishing says:

    Man, it hurt me when that first one got off! You did get a nice one for sure though.

  5. Reel Journey says:

    Damn bro you lost a good one. I thought for sure you had him. Definitely one of my favorite local lakes.

  6. Nice video bro, that’s a dope thumbnail! I bet that canal is great for bedding Bass.

  7. good to see you are still getting out! the frog bite is taking off up here!

  8. Paul Jensen says:

    too much play in that rod your flipping with. need to get something with some more back bone bud

  9. YourNextCast says:

    Man bro that thumbnail was epic. don't you just hate it when the drag isn't set. Oh bro my heart broke. That hookset @4:20 was for real though. It looks like a good area back there.

  10. And I was thinking you were on some of those Florida Slab crappie…..LOL…
    Nice catch and they're ain't nothing worse than seeing a fish that won't eat…..

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