Scott Martin Fall Bass Fishing in the South

Scott Martin talks about fall top water bass fishing in Florida with a swimbait.


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7 Responses

  1. Where I live, if you want to fish a surface lure after November, you have to put ice skates on it.  Catching fish involves chopping holes in ice while freezing your butt off.

  2. lue vang says:

    wth wrong with the audio

  3. R. Guardia says:

    Hi Scott, remember watching your dad back in the 80's fishing with those giant, golden shiners in Florida. Seems like the big, glide swimbaits would be effective down there? Love watching your channel!

  4. glcrashaw says:

    this lame kills fish ! ! ! ! ! thumb his shit down ! ! ! !

  5. Parrot Bill says:

    Scott….you're the man when it comes to southern Bass. God Bless!

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