SHARKS Caught with BASS GEAR! Florida Inshore Fishing Video!

In this Florida fishing video we head inshore fishing on our flats boat! We catch live bait in the cast net and we land a few sea trout for dinner. Action packed day catching blacktip shark on a baitcaster, bass fishing combo! Saltwater fishing catching sharks on light tackle is so much fun! We checked our stone crab trap and then we caught a snook on a lip diver. ⇊CLICK BELOW FOR MORE INFO & LINKS⇊

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1st Annual Veteran’s & Community Fishing Tournament
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Weigh-in starts at 330pm, followed directly by awards
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630p 11.5.19


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46 Responses

  1. Soooo angry ,i feel for u puddin lol happy when they get what they want all your fault when it dont

  2. mj c says:

    Love you two! Jam on it!

  3. Rick Jones says:

    I would like to thank you two . my wife of 30 year's past away in February and watching your videos made me get off my butt and start getting on with life. We both enjoyed fishing .if she lost that fish she would have stomp holes in the boat. Thanks for the videos. And thanks for getting me off my butt.

  4. MikeMarkCA says:

    She hit him when the camera was off, I know she did.
    Nobody deserves to be abused Brian, it’s not you fault, I know you put forth your best effort.

  5. Lose my fish like that I get the same way. 😆

  6. WTG Kids,Nice vid.,Get The Net!!!,not the F'in Hookey thing ,,Jeese Puddin you just don't listen …get on the couch,LOL OH what it wasn't your fault ,it's still your fault ….LOLOLOL,,,I was with you Sizzle cuase Cuda are great for taco's but that for bait OUI Love Y'all

  7. Dave Erb says:

    Another great video
    Thanks kept them coming

  8. As always.. great job and a fun video…👍🇺🇸✅

  9. Ruben Galvan says:

    Congrats Darci on catching some nice trout.

  10. Yeah🤘🏻Nice catch 🎣 Awsome lady👍🏼 If you like check out my stuff👀🎣 Greetings from Germany🇩🇪

  11. Is she pregnant or maybe she has worms. Possibly a beer belly.

  12. Just amazing!!! Love these guys.. their videos are just awesome!! Keep the videos coming.. we love watching you both!!

  13. Awesome Video! Looking forward to meeting you at the FX3 fishing tournament on Sunday November 10th!

  14. Weekdays are about the only time you can fish that spot! Sharks have been anchored there for months.

  15. Yeah Brian, it's a fishing boat its supposed to be dirty.

  16. Buck Early says:

    Beautiful day on the water!!!

  17. Gary C says:

    Get the NET puddin. Snnnrrrrr. Snnnrrr.15 minutes later. I'm awake I'll get this nice little gaff see her names on it. Oops.lost the fish. Lol. Great video.

  18. i luv watching Puddin n Cizzle you both are Great and enjoy the lil tiffs that pop up now n then …. net get the net .. ill use the gaf lol keep on fishin guys your a smile in many peoples day 😉

  19. aaah tex says:

    Y hasn't Puddin Not been sleeping???

  20. aaah tex says:

    Of my 2 Favorite Saltwater fish, Specs are #2 while Redfish are #1!!!
    Since CIZZLER WASHES THE BOAT,, she's entitled to get it dirty whenever = LIGHTEN UP ON HER! = LOL
    *God Bless my Favorite Fishing COUPLE!*
    All the BEST!

  21. Putin , when the lady ask for the net she really means the net .. you lucky no dog house for you or couch she loves you !!

  22. Bru Dog says:

    Sometimes its fun to witness fishing "salt" instead of feeling it. Good vid

  23. Mass Medic says:

    I love you guys! The banter is halarious

  24. Chip Mattila says:

    Great father daughter fishing team! Love it!

  25. Roy Saxon says:

    Great job as always 👍 love y'all videos u work very hard good luck cizzle in the tournament thanks again keep on caching 😁 🙌

  26. ZeRowe says:

    😂🇺🇸 🎣

  27. in2food says:

    How ya gonna have a girl like that and not put a ring on it?

  28. David W says:

    Any luck catching trouser trout??

  29. David Burris says:

    Great size shark to cook, deep fried!

  30. jeff rogala says:

    the power plant is not in Stuart.

  31. ken strampe says:

    dont feel to bad Brian, i never do anything right either, at least thats what she says. so what are the temps like down there now and how cold would you like them to be?

  32. What are you doing with the lady fish? We cut them up and use the for redfish bait.

  33. Alan E says:

    You lost a lot of weight! Miss those luscious buns!

  34. tekubus says:

    I love you guys. Don't be mean to Darcy…I have never met a Florida girl who wasn't a slob.

  35. Face the fact that its always going to be your fault PUDDIN~ Happy wife happy life!! LOL! great day on the water you guys!!!!

  36. And Moll says:

    Que siga la pesca con atarraya

  37. And Moll says:

    Aquí estamos viendo tus aventuras de pesca 🎣 🎣 🎣 🎣 🎣 🎣 Saludos desde Perú Arequipa 🎣 Perú

  38. A sizzling Brian it's already cold up here in Branson Missouri

  39. Ken Mil says:

    Smoking hot fishing puddin sorry ya 🙈messed that one up but hey that’s fishing great job guys go cizzle 💋💋💋💋🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺

  40. You guys ,thanks for the show

  41. I used to take my kayak with my fishing pole go out on the river in my kayak I like topwater action I got my favorite lures

  42. By the way I would be on the that time I'm in the morning that's when those big old spotted sea trout hit those topwater plugs

  43. Yeah she was a big 27in spotted sea trout that was a big one

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