Shiner Fishing For Monster Bass In Northeast Florida

Capt.C.C.Corey catches his largest videotaped Bass using a wild shiner.


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43 Responses

  1. I don’t think people realize how much he says “right there”

  2. How come no gar or cats hit your lines mate?

  3. Alvin Wine says:

    Awesome very nice bass! Tight lines!!!

  4. How much for a fishing trip to catch 10lb bass?

  5. huskyjerk says:

    An absolute beauty !

  6. TL Bell says:

    Awesome catch and video! I just subbed. I'm from Indiana but have a place down in Astor. We usually just crappie fish but your videos are making me want to go after some bigger game this winter!

  7. Phucking Tank .. sweet catch bro.. keep making videos and hanging giants

  8. What lake is this? Is it private?

  9. wes the best says:

    do a how to shiner fish vid

  10. Scott West says:

    would love to book a bass charter with u and have u ever pond fished with live shiners i have some lunkers in a pond beside house

  11. Scott West says:

    would love to book a bass charter with u and have u ever pond fished with live shiners i have some lunkers in a pond beside house

  12. What a hook set, it's tough when they're swimming towards you! Nice catch!!

  13. sleeper10s says:

    That's the only love bait fishing I like shiners are awesome too use.. just subbed u love seeing these donkeys

  14. Nice video, graet fish ! i SUB, you can sub back

  15. NICE monster bass…….CONGRATS C.C. …..on your new PB!!! I didn't realize ya posted some more videos. Glad I checked. I'm gonna watch the others right now!

  16. ReelJedi says:

    Awesome catches! We should make a collaboration video!

  17. CS Fishing says:

    Dropping you a sub all the way from Kentucky! Hit me back when you get the chance! #tightlinesandkeepfishing

  18. casey watts says:

    Heading to Rodman reservoir the 17-23 would love to catch a 12+.. any chance you would point me in the right direction?

  19. Have you seen the animated fish on utube sold by Bama Frogs,it would save you a lot of money on baits,it charges in the usb port of your computer.

  20. Hi do you run a fishing guide service thank you

  21. DannyDare134 says:

    Do you guide trips!

  22. BassGeek says:

    What a pig. Nice job man.

  23. bowfishjim says:

    How do you catch your shiners?

  24. I wish I could do some shinner fishing, awesome video, 12.6 great catch!!!

  25. love this video can watch it over and over again

  26. Jim M says:

    Nice Bass, CC. I'm not into freshwater fishing any more, but any fish that size pulling on the other end will put a smile on anyone anywhere. Bent rods and tight lines!

  27. doopy352 says:

    May want to check your scales. The math says 14 to 15 lbs

  28. waikarimoana says:

    Hi there C.C.,
    Another great video with awesome footage, thanks for this fishing trip, thumbs up and best regards from the Kiwiland, Down Under, Tony.

  29. Captain C C how can I book a shiner fishing trip with you??? You tha man!!!

  30. D brau says:

    is this the same place where you caught the 46 lb limit?

  31. CaptainSolo says:

    Hey people this man catches nothing but big fish !

  32. What are you feeding those things down there?!

  33. Matt Holt says:

    Great fish CC. That's a beast in ANY lake or pond. Enjoy the videos. Looking forward to tarpon season. Tight lines-

  34. Very nice,Great video,keep them coming

  35. She’s a brick house !!!!!!! letting it all hang out!!!! That lady stacked and that’s a fact!!! Oooooooooh she’s a BRICK HOUUUUUSE!!!!!!!!!!!

  36. Ty Woodard says:

    Cory what lake do u fish

  37. The Bass Guy says:

    Awesome as always CC

  38. Fantastic Intro very nice catch

  39. Capt. You sure know where those big girls live man! Going to try and get up your way here soon.

  40. My goodness that was huge. What is your personal best?

  41. Jabba the Hutt Bass right there.

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