Sight fishing exotic fish in South Florida! (Bed fishing)

In part 2 of our Florida’s Turnpike Tour, we start sight fishing for bedding fish in South Florida with our buddy Peacock Pete. These exotic fish were aggressively defending their beds, and put on a show for us, come see the results, and be sure to keep up with our other videos in this series! You won’t want to miss the next one!

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Gmoneystrong Outdoors is a YouTube channel that follows the outdoors adventures of a young man and his stepfather. We are located in Delaware, where we do most of our hunting and fishing. We hunt for whitetail deer, turkeys, and waterfowl. We love bow hunting! We also fish for a variety of species, including largemouth bass, striped bass, flounder, and we fish offshore for tuna, mahi mahi and billfish. Thank you for watching our video, please subscribe to our channel on the link below!

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26 Responses

  1. Way to knock out some Bucket list Fish I always love the peacock bass. I love their aggression and how hard they fight fight.Plus you guys got an added bonus you got to meet the infamous the Peacock master in the Flesh! Peacock Pete!!!!!!’

  2. Peacock Pete: YouTuber and fishing guide. I'm sure Mr. and Mrs. Pea will be telling their fry about their honeymoon trip up on the bank with you two for years to come.

  3. shenanigans with Pete!!! heck yeah!!!

  4. Peacock bass look like a fun fish to catch.

  5. Great action! I must travel further down south in Florida and catch me a peacock! Awesome video 🤙🏾👍🏾🎣💯

  6. Sight fishing is pretty fun miss spots like that 🤔

  7. RWA Fishing says:

    That was so much fun! I guess fish are like people sometimes, they get mad when you make them get out of bed, Lol.

  8. Coming in strong with another peacock banger in the fishing capital of the world 😂😂😂💯🍻

  9. Asapfishing1 says:

    Ohhhhh I love me some sight fishing👍🏼💥🐟

  10. Hey there brother!What a great time you& your boy with a great guy in Pete .Family fishing is my favorite fishing…Good times,Good Company-MTF👍🐟

  11. Great video! I love sight fishing. What an awesome trip. Thanks for sharing.

  12. "Pea"MoneyStrong! What a Banger! I Had a Blast. It's something I'll always remember. Now I can't wait to see that pt.3! Spoiler it's BiG!!! 💥👍💥👊👏👏👏

  13. Vary awesome my friends great video 💯👊👊💯

  14. Part 2 posted! nice. I also uploaded my peacock video from last week today as well. They are so strong for their size

  15. John Ames says:

    Great upload my friend big like 👍👍👍

  16. That feeling when I'm in South America but we have no peacocks here and you guys in Florida catch them all over

  17. Awesome catches boys! Well done!

  18. Fishy Angler says:

    Double pea…. don’t cross the streams..🤣 Lots of fun you guys had with those peacocks. Awesome. 👍 You are to old for Disney…😂

  19. That looked like a lot of fun!! Catching a Pea is on my bucket list for sure. They hit and fight so hard from what I have seen. That is awesome y'all got to go after them like that!

  20. Congratulations boys on a another successful trip with the Peacock King Peacock Pete 👊👊👍

  21. These canals/retention ponds have some nice looking fish
    Beautiful fish
    Cool Video
    Have a great week

  22. Awesome guys! So great seeing you guys doing videos again!! Those peacock bass are extreme fighters, I can't wait to catch one! going down to Florida in November and hopefully we'll get on some! If you get a chance please check out the channel..that would be Awesome! We're hoping you do the big bass Tournament next year.. we didn't have the channel then but we're ready now☝️👊

  23. VTOUTDOORMAN says:

    Love G's enthusiasm LOL.  Nice Peakcocks though.  Great job!

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