South Florida Everglades Kayak Fishing!! Tips and Tricks!!!

Hello everyone! It is once again time for another exciting episode of C_los Fishing!! Today I decided to take a break form all the COVID-19 stress and hit up the Everglades for some Bassin’ fun! Caught plenty of Bass and even some other species!! Watch as C_los catches them up and lays some knowledge on ya! Thanks for watching, have fun and tight lines!!!


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10 Responses

  1. I love when your skirt is short! Nice catches Great vid Fabu-los! 👍💪💯

  2. This one amazing fishing video, its really nice bro #fishingbdGo

  3. Spinnerbait is always a good option and that spot looks good! Nice fishing video man!

  4. Go get some. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Nice fish….liked and shared out

  6. keep up with the good vids man

  7. If i ever head down there ill have some tips. hahaha thanks

  8. Nice fishing ! Beautiful sport .Congrats

  9. Man I miss that place!! Some nice fish!

  10. You were saying them on the spinner bait! Love the Dolphins tattoo brother!

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