SURPRISE Last Fish the Decade!!! (Bass Fishing in Florida Ponds)

What a way to close out 2019…not to mention the DECADE!!! I thought the bullseye snakehead from my last video was going to me the last fish I caught in 2019, but the ponds were calling me back to fish one more time that same afternoon. With only an hour or so to fish, it hit the Florida golf course ponds to see if I could catch a few more fish to end the year. Little did I know that a perfect specimen of a Florida Peacock bass would end my year and decade with a bang!!!

Thanks for watching!!!

*Links to some of the tackle I use:

Finch Nasty Bait Co. “Nasty’s Thumper”

*Lake Fork Tackle Magic Shad:
*Seaguar Invizx Fluorocarbo Line:
*Lew’s Custom Speed Stick Rods:
*Line Conditioner:
*Line Cutters:
*Spike It:

*My camera equipment:

*Current GoPro:
*External Audio Mic:
*GoPro Chest Mount:

*Amazon Associates Hyperlinks


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15 Responses

  1. Dude i miss seeing your vids your still my faveorite youtub fisherman and tje first flushing channel i subed top happy holidays

  2. Awesome! HAPPY NEW YEAR! 2020 here we come.

  3. lgbass says:

    Great to see some new vids.

  4. Evan Slaton says:

    Happy New Year! Awesome stuff as always, an excellent way to close out 2019. Here's to many, many more in 2020 and the rest of the new decade!

  5. Bass Raider says:

    Beautiful Peacock! Happy New Year man!

  6. Bravo Bassin says:

    as always a great video Cornell hope to run into you again at the Richmond fishing expo this year!

  7. Worthy final fish of the decade!

  8. videojoe7 says:

    Nice video.. Move back down to Florida and keep the videos going! 👍

  9. Mark Polsky says:

    Killer way to end a Decade! Happy New Year

  10. Happy New Year Sir! Beautiful peacock there!

  11. Hahaha!! I'm glad you went back for more fun!! Nice!!

  12. 🔥 Happy New Year!! awesome video.

  13. David Gale says:

    Looks like you had an awesome trip..

  14. Love Florida, been killing here in South Georgia/Florida all winter! Strongly considering a move!

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