Swimming Senko for BIG BASS

The swimming Senko covers water fast and catches big largemouth bass. The Florida Everglades are full of big bass with thousands of great places to fish. I’ll show you how to catch the big ones with the right rod, reel, line and tackle.The Yamamoto swimming Senko in the 5:5 inch size really cast a long way and is very easy to retrieve. It’s mid winter in Florida but this pattern works all year long.


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46 Responses

  1. Jim Warden says:

    Use your swivel trick and save yourself some SwimSenkos.

  2. Lindsey Day says:

    All that shallow water fishing makes me think of the shallow grass flats I fish in the Texas bays on the coast. Very similar style of fishing.

  3. EDOGZ818 says:

    That old man caught the $hyt out of those bass!
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  4. Dr. Hambone says:

    We have similar jon boats.
    Great video sir, tight lines!

  5. Well hell. Guess I have to go get a pack of swimming senkos now….

  6. Just simple fishing! With a legend, sharing knowledge with us. Thanks Roland Martin.

  7. No way this shit has to many adds and no I ain’t paying for red

  8. Aaron Krause says:

    Thank you so much Roland for your technique tips and learnings! Great catches as well! Continued tight lines!

  9. Carl Ledlow says:

    I have used the sinko for years and just swimming the sinko I have caught a lot of fish espieaslly in low light times

  10. I don't know how in the hell you can bite 20lb mono with the teeth ???? and cut it that quickly

  11. many…many.. times I've had the "first cast syndrome" ( last fish or bite you have that whole day)

  12. Coolest dude on the planet haha

  13. Great Job. Love the Videos Roland!

  14. Great vid Mr Martin. I’m not a huge fan of the Yamamoto plastics just cause they are expensive and not very durable but I may have to try that swimming sinko.

  15. He's the Great American Fisherman!

  16. arciefan says:

    So true Roland, pause to adjust trolling motor and get bit and should pay attention to that. Many when I'm talking to my fishing partner, and may pause a split second to turn and look, or whatever the case, I get bit. Almost like they are saying I got ya now, while you're not looking. The action you had there was so good, but yet you took time to show the rigging, talk about the line, how you hold the rod up, drop it down to set the hook. Great teaching, but yet you are the best entertainer out there.

    Great job Roland, and Tyler great filming/editing!!!

  17. eric price says:

    Great video Roland. I'm gonna start throwing senkos. I've thrown them wacky rigged a little, but that's about it.

  18. Do you ever fish the swimsenko like a senko? Pop it and let it wobble down. My dad likes to use them but doesn't know a whole lot about them and neither do I. I just kind of assumed you treat it like a senko. We fish a lake where grass is non existent and structure and wood cover is about the only thing the bass have to relate to.

  19. cjr4497 says:

    nice to see he is sitting on a normal cooler and not some $400 forty quart.

  20. Jeff Smith says:

    Those Florida bass are such a dark green. Up here in Virginia our bass vary in shades of green a bit. Love that Video!

  21. Brian Grider says:

    I use them weightles a lot of the time. Even in a title water river. I use spike it on the tail most of the time. They work good on a pro model 3/16 spot remover as well.

  22. Zackstaa says:

    Swimming senkos and other Yamamoto products are good, high quality top of the line, have a good action but they don’t last long. Kinda frustrating when you pay top dollar for a worm that doesn’t last through one or two fish. It’s most likely due to all the salt content.

  23. Chase Tassin says:

    Mr. Martin is that weight pegged? My guess is no it's not

  24. Love it videos please keep them coming.

  25. John Choi says:

    Awesome video Sir! Love it! 👍👊

  26. ImPacosTacos says:

    Whats a good way to fish water that has crazy amounts of green slime, from top of the water, middle column, even on the bottom, my lures always coming out slimmey. But I keep fishing the lake bcuz I caught a 10.25 on a trout magnet ice fishing…. lake is loaded with large trout and bass, just so many people seem to dump fertilizer into it that its growing moss in all water columns….

  27. Roland, do you ever go Crappie fishing anymore? I use the heck out of those Senko's! I bet you have more rods & reels than Bass Pro. My Dad when he was alive had in his garage besides his Ranger bass boat, it was 40 feet deep. His fishing rods were lined from one end to another all different brands and kinds. I hope you live along time, Roland!

  28. come out with your fins up!!!

  29. Les Mansell says:

    Hey Roland it looked like you were fishing that paddle tail senco both ways as a worm and swimbait. Were you? Should you alternate technique or just use as a swimbait.

  30. Nathan Cross says:

    I love these videos where you head out in your good ol' trusty jon boat. It really drives the point home that you don't need to have an $70k bass boat to go out and catch some fish and have a great time. Fishing doesn't have to be prohibitively expensive.

  31. once again fishing in the poor mans boat Now that'"s the way it was ment to BE!!!! And you are catching FISH

  32. TheFistFPV says:

    Great video, Sir. Do you think the movement of the swim senko outweighs the durability of something like a Keitech?

  33. Mr Martin your the best and thanks for showing how it's done!!

  34. Was the advantage of using this over a swim bait paddle tale to be specific

  35. Love your videos mr Martin. I have a question what lures are good to use with a 6,6 med fast bait caster rod ?

  36. Tony Reed says:

    How is your trolling motor not getting stuck in all those weeds

  37. david blue says:

    Put this legend in a bottle! We never want to lose him!

  38. kevin clavey says:

    I wish i was your cameraman, what a great job he has. Filming for a Legend and getting sum casting in also. Is he watching out for gators too? lol

  39. Frank Venero says:

    Just found this channel. Mr. Martin you are the best.

  40. Swim Senko is a great bait. Just started using them

  41. Hey Roland, I’m in SW Florida (Cape Coral) any suggested fishing spots to check out while I’m here?

  42. Robert perez says:

    Only problem with senkos is after 1 or 2 fish its ripped up

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