Texas Rig Bass Fishing In Florida!!

If you want an easy way to catch bass, look no further than the Texas Rig! Nick and I fished a pond on South Florida with nothing but a Texas Rigged crawfish and wouldn’t ya know… we had a GREAT day! Flip the Texas rigged soft plastic around structure, in shaded areas, and cover a lot of water! That’s the easiest way to catch bass without a boat. Big thanks to Catch Co for sponsoring this fun fishing video!
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** Karl’s Bait & Tackle

The Texas Rig:
You’ll need a bullet weight, an offset shank worm hook, and a soft plastic bait (I opted for a crawfish)

** My apparel brand, Worn and Weathered

** Conservation groups I support
Artemis: https://artemis.nwf.org/
Backcountry Hunters and Anglers (BHA): https://www.backcountryhunters.org/
Theodore Roosevelt Conservation Partnership (TRCP): http://www.trcp.org/

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Welcome to my channel! I’m Allie, an archer, hunter, angler, and public lands advocate. But really, I’m an all around lover of all things outdoors! I enjoy sharing all of my adventures here on YouTube including the good and the bad. Learning how to enjoy the outdoors is a PROCESS and I’m here to share mine with you. Thanks for watching!

Disclaimer: This video is Sponsored by Catch Co. and contains affiliate links which helps to support the channel and allow us to create awesome content. Thank you for the continued support. None of this would be possible without you, the viewers!


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27 Responses

  1. Kind off topic maybe. But that place reminds me of Vietnam. We went fishing but the local guy I was with was throwing nets by hand. And pulling out 5-6 fish at a time. It was a man made pond right in the middle of miles and miles of Rice paddies on the Mekong Delta.

  2. That would scare me to death in Florida. I'd be fishing for hours not catching anything,… slowly falling asleep,…when out from the edge of the lake……." A KILLER MANATEE" would shoot up bite my leg "trying out" bacon to go with it's normal lettuce diet.😭

  3. R Toguidver says:

    Go fishing just to eat Pizza ???

  4. I took my grandson out with me out to my cousin's dock on the North Channel. Kid was slaying big bass in large numbers. I was hoping for Walleye & giant Perch but, oh well. Great day!

  5. R O N N I E says:

    What's with the rain 😂😂😂 I hope one or both of you have side arms when you go in the woods or out fishing. You never know when you'll need it.

  6. Use a baitcaster for Texas rigs

  7. Logan Hill says:

    This is the secret right here y’all:
    A 4 inch zoom lizard, either in green pumpkin or watermelon seed. Put them on a size 2 worm hook. Just use some 6lb line. It’s super simple and incredibly effective. Use a slow retrieve with a few pauses. Caught more bass on that than any lure out there and I’ve been bass fishing my whole life

  8. Tex N7 says:

    Great fishies Nick and Allie<3 Stay safe u2!

  9. Frank Jamger says:

    Nice little spot you found and a nice bass.

  10. work professional fishing.

  11. Frank Jamger says:

    Yay, a Gopher Tortoise. Have them in my yard.

  12. Donot Robme says:

    People not from gator country I can’t believe what u all do. From our perspective it appears u r risking life every second. Seems Floridians are always like they’re not that dangerous. I’m just going off of movies I guess

  13. Great video. Thank you for sharing. Looked like you all had fun. Take care.

  14. Donot Robme says:

    We watched with our daughter. She said why is she a girl fishing. We were like it’s like grandma or mom or u ( as in my daughter). She was like oh ya. Too many YouTuber are men. We love yiur channel. We r trying to raise her like u so thx for the role model

  15. Brewed says:

    Who doesn't like fishing?

  16. mike smith says:

    Is that catch and release or do you keep them?

  17. tim berg says:

    What the "dog bark", you don't need to censor this "dog bark", we are all "dog bark" adults here, lol just kidding..
    Have great "dog bark" day.. 😏😂😂😂

  18. Bee America says:

    Nice little pond that's called a aerator it oxygenates the water keeps the fish more active some nice little Bass but always remember the number one color that a bass sees is red purple looks red under water I've caught so many bass in a day my thumb looks like sandpaper from limping damn🐝

  19. As a Texan I also fish Texas rig

  20. Great video. Hello from the UK 🇬🇧👍

  21. Que bien que te dibiertas

  22. Bill Shaw says:

    Hey Allie and Nick, I’d love to meet you guys sometime! I’m on Wilmington Island in Savannah GA! I’m thinking about doing what you guys did. I’m thinking about a fifth wheel! I would get a smaller camper but I’m going to live in it even when I’m not on the road. I’m open for any suggestions to include a truck

  23. Jon Osborne says:

    Great Bass fishing there. Watch those gaters. lol great fish. thanks again for the great video Allie.

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