The Best Day of Bass Fishing of My Life!

Folks at home!! This episode of Going Ike was one for the ages! Got a chance to fish with my good friend Cody Detweiler at the infamous Kenansville Lake, AKA Jurassic Park! The lake is absolutely pristine and loaded with vegetation and mats! We hopped around a bit but then all hell broke loose and the fishing was nothing short of incredible! We were punching mats and creating reaction strikes on some of the biggest class of Florida bass that’s offered! Giant Bass after MASSIVE Bass we put together an unbelievable 40+LB bag in just 6 hours of fishing! It truly was a special day of bass fishing! A day of fishing this good is truly an uncommon feat! Each Bass was 8lbs and over!! For a second I thought I was dreaming, but soon as I would begin to get lost in the excitement another Monster Bass would crush the Chigger Craw and it was game on! One after another to the point that we lost count on how many giant bass we’re caught! All in All, this was one of the most amazing days of fishing that I have ever experienced and a memory I will soon not forget! I hope you enjoyed today’s Bass Fishing Adventure! If you did be sure to subscribe to my Fishing Youtube Channel and share it with some friends! Happy Monster Hunting!!


Ike’s Gear used:
Abu Garcia IKE Delay Casting Rod 7’3″ Medium:

Abu Garcia REVO IKE Casting Reel:

VMC Tungsten:

Berkley Chigger Craw:

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The Ike Foundation Custom Socks:

Berkley Trilene Sensation:

Nines Eyewear:

Flambeau IKE 400 Tackle Bag:

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39 Responses

  1. I don’t even know what to say. Those are beasts!! Living in Wyoming we don’t have big bass. My pb is like 2lbs lol. That’s a dream right there!

  2. I'm a rookie in Cedar Creek NC, with tons of irrigation holes. How do we get fish like that?

  3. The music sucks! I'm able to pipe in my own music. Ludwig van Beethoven sounds better. I have access to it.

  4. Good lord!! When you're culling 6 pounders it's an amazing day!! Awesome video! I'd do anything to fish a lake lime that!! Just wow!!

  5. set the bar that high when your not fishing for florida strain you killinme

  6. John masich says:

    Ike laid the smack down on the bass,es ass,es ! Never give up !! Big stick cody

  7. Jeff Hayde says:

    It's a pit boss ike, not a chiggers craw 🐟

  8. NFiltr8Red says:

    #1 reason why I don’t like rods laying on the front deck. Stepping on them left and right.


  10. The fish are big, but I can tell that they are fishing happily. Nice fish! from japan

  11. Brian Merlo says:

    My son lives about 2 hrs from this lake. I told him that the next time I visit him we need to take a road trip!

  12. BassGeek says:

    Man what a bunch of toads.

  13. Greg Trapp says:

    Wow!! You guys had your dream day of fishing!! That was fun to watch. I love your videos. Tight Lines from Minnesota.

  14. Great Bass Fishing… Ive had smallmouth days like that but never largemouth!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Rippin N Tearin! Hammered em

  16. That was epic! I've never seen anything like that.

  17. Wow those are some Dinosaurs!!!! Great video

  18. Jeff Barris says:

    What happened to ur show mike

  19. Wally Foot says:

    Next time you come down to k-ville bring your Hobie and fish the spillway lake acrossfeom boat ramp. Same quality of fish much smaller area. I fish it all the time out of my jon boat with a trolling motor.

  20. Luke Sierra says:

    What a day. Awesome vid ike

  21. That’s a sick day of fishing

  22. rayminthecat says:

    those looked like carp to me.

  23. Powerr ikee..bigg bass..gigantssbasss..mosterss.

  24. When are you gonna take the Hobie out again? It's a blast watching you kayak fish man, bye the way I entered the $1000 giveaway. Hope I win 😀

  25. Im118ish says:

    Applying them skills honed in on tri-state area fisheries down in Florida makes for an easy time apparently løl

  26. The scream. I mean, the dream. 💪

  27. Paul Seward says:

    You should bring those monsters over to NJ! God knows we need more beasts like that

  28. This brings back my itch for Florida , being from Ohio I don’t get to fish much for the next 3 months , I gotta get back down there

  29. Jason lacy says:

    Absolutely amazing the joy and excitement in your voice made me smile from the beginning to the end keep making these videos IKE You bring such enjoyment to the fishing community

  30. Awesome 👏 👏👏So inspiring!

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