The Blackfish of South Florida – Peacock Bass Fishing the Miami Canals

Very few fish have that torquey power that tautog, aka blackfish, have. Northeast anglers know exactly what I’m talking about. The folks in Florida, however, have a very similar fighting fish, just a lot prettier, the Peacock Bass.

This video chronicles a February 20, 2020 trip my co-worker and friend, Jimmy, took with Captain Scott Rose of Peackock Adventures. This is a very specialized fishing and Captain Scott was amazing, literally coaching us on every aspect, from casting to setting the hook.

Best of all, the price was amazing at $450 for a 6 hour trip. If you’re going to be in South Florida, I highly recommend you look up Captain Scott:

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11 Responses

  1. Ma Ba says:

    So good to hear the song.

  2. heard these are a very good eating fish! I also heard they are strict on bag limits with them because they are pretty rare in the US. Not sure how true that is, I only fish saltwater up in NJ so these guys go beyond my fish knowledge! Anyhow, great video as usual!

  3. Charles G. says:

    What a small world, I know Jimmy to. I met him a few years back albie fishing out here in Greenport.

  4. striper8311 says:

    I wish we had some of them on the west coast, I may have to take a drive over there in the future, stay well my friend. Carl skinny

  5. Those peacock bass are some beautiful fish 🎣🐟

  6. H2G FISHING says:

    Great video man!! Just found your channel and the content isπŸ”₯ Keep it up and tight lines!!

  7. L I Digga says:

    Beautiful fish!!Florida is such a cool place…πŸ‘'s up for that Capt…Talk about being "On top of your game"

  8. Doug H says:

    Great video, I'm hoping to do a similar trip in July. That capt was great

  9. Hope and pray everyone is safe and healthy and being smart. Hope you enjoy this trip I had back in February with my co-worker Jim and Captain Scott Rose of Peacock Adventures in Miami. Fyi, I was wrong about the trip length: it's actually a 6 hour trip, not 5 as I incorrectly stated in the video.

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