This One Lure Always Catches Bass, Kayak Fishing In Florida

The plan was to catch some Florida Largemouth bass on a Zara Spook, but changed after about an hour and a half of trying. Within five casts of putting on a YUM plastic worm I was hooked up with a bass while fishing from my kayak. In the next hour and a half I managed to catch several more with the same lure that is actually a spin off of the original Senko design. I am convinced that there isn’t another lure out there that has caught as many bass through the years as a good old plastic worm.

Amazing Kayak

Daiwa BG 2500

Abu Garcia Silver Max Combo

Ugly Stik Elite


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16 Responses

  1. Really like your bass videos!

  2. Is this the same lake that you used the minnows to catch those blue gills and such a few months ago? Could it be possible the bass are feeding on them?

  3. Everybody who watched this video give it a like☝️👍

  4. Awesome footage! I loved the action

  5. Andy Boswell says:

    Good stuff! Love that top water! I use that Zara and also a Lucy 13 and a Devil Horse. Those are my favorites when I’m not fishing a Johnson Spoon. Great video.

  6. JC, what about rigging some kind of light on the end of your other GoPro on extension pole and search the bottom for it instead of cast nettting. Don't know depth or clarity there.

  7. JC, just wondered if you might think about fishing some of the local State Parks and taking us along in the yak.

  8. Congratulations this place is amazing, very good for Fishing, reminded me here in Brazil.

  9. That's a great price on the Daiwa BG you have linked on Amazon. My BG spinners are my 2nd favorite spinner, just after Penn reels. The BG is super smooth, while the Penn spinners… Well, you just can't get beat the easy maintenance on a Penn. Geeh yuh, no working link for the Rad Yak yet?

  10. john hall says:

    Great video as always. Hope u can get back to snook fishing soon

  11. Hard to work a spook from a yak.

  12. Oooh I see that banana on the boat, you’re tempting fate! 😂

    Isn’t it funny how different it is fishing freshwater vs salt? Even from the same kayak with the same bait. There are just so many little things that are slightly different, but they add up to a completely different experience!

  13. ao s says:

    are you any good at flyfishing? I use an 8wt rod with Weight Forward Floating line and an 8# tippet. I love throwing those Betts brand bugs with the white rubber legs. I've always caught monster bluegills and small bass especially around cypress tree knees

  14. Project Reel says:

    Nice bass Jc! Haven’t caught any large mouth in a while, the peacock have been taking over our canals and ponds down here.

  15. Nice 👍 catches Jc !!!

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