Top water fly fishing for Florida Bass

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Hey guys,

Gurglers have always been my go to fly for surface patterns for bass ever since my younger years when a local from here in Mississauga introduced me to them.. they are super simple to tie and fish really well despite how small they are.




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31 Responses

  1. greggt2020 says:

    what fly were you using?

  2. Awesome stuff man. Florida is a special place. thankfully I live here now. Ive been on the hunt for the big girls and have been able to capture some good content on my channel. Check it out when you're bored. I subbed and hit the bell. Keep the good footage coming!

  3. Rick Park says:

    Dude, you rode your bike across the putting green. Not cool.
    ….everything else, very cool.

  4. My absolute favorite kind of hook ups are top water bass on the fly!

  5. oh yeah! says:

    Was that a tee box?

  6. Baby says:

    While ur definitely a better and more experienced fly fisherman than me you should still consider keeping ur elbow tucked into ur waist so u dont ware ur arm out as fast

  7. There must be millions of ponds and lakes in Florida. Most of them have fish too.

  8. Ari_240sx says:

    What’s your fly fishing gear set up?

  9. Careful Kev says:

    No reason to throw the fish dipshit

  10. itatsu1 says:

    What baitcaster reel? Thanks!

  11. What fly line are you using?

  12. Mike Tsappas says:

    thought u were jousting there for a minute 😛

  13. You seem very seasoned in flyfishing should I buy cheap red and reel to start out

  14. What fly are you using?? Could you make a video

  15. You tied a fly on the plane! That is awesome! Nice video bruh!

  16. awesome video man! love topwater on the fly. i subscribed hope you do the same!

  17. Willbro7 7 says:

    Great vid man! You are a very good fly fisherman. 🙂

  18. Ty Koty says:

    Your cast is really nice.

  19. Any suggestions on bringing rods and gear on planes

  20. nate.brand says:

    Ayyyy Naples Florida

  21. I like this he catches a lot of fish very very small fish but fish good video very good

  22. LizardMaster says:

    Litrelly a cichlid

  23. 713 Fishing says:

    yo bro beautiful video well done from coming from Houston Tx.

  24. I think the "cichlid" might have been a small peacock bass. Hard to tell from the angle. Toronto! I knew it. lol I was going to ask if you hadn't said it. Two of my students, twins, are from there. You sound just like them.

  25. Blueshark says:

    What weight rod is thats

  26. Patty Loop says:

    Cool vid but next time you fish a worm try hitting the points and throw more parallel to the bank

  27. gabrielhb29 says:

    Nice video bro, was that a popper flie ??

  28. JADEN DIAZ says:

    What reel is that ?

  29. Awesome video dude! Love the topwater fly fishing!

  30. Amazing! Thumbs up. Love the strikes.

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