Two 9lb Florida Canal Largemouth Bass. Fishing Florida Day 1

Went down to Florida for spring break and this is day 1 of fishing florida 02/28/2016. On day one fishing Florida I decided to hit the Canals around Boynton Beach Florida. The Largemouth Bass during this video were in Pre-spawn, Spawning, and Post-Spawn.

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Line: Main Line 15lb Green Moss Power Pro Braid, Leader 12lb Blue Label Seaguar Fluorocarbon.

Reel: Diawa Laguna Spinning

Lure: Zoom Green Pumpkin Baby Brush Hog, 2/0 Gamakatsu EWG offset worm hook, 1/4oz tungston pegged with a rubber stopper.

Camera: Gopro Hero 3+ Silver
Music: Pade Remix by Joe Curto

Thanks for watching Tight Lines, and Fish to Live!


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30 Responses

  1. Jason lacy says:

    Those deff not no 9lb lol be honest in ur vids u will get more peeps following fat 5 mabey 6lb

  2. Jesus, how long did you keep that fish out of the water? Good Lord man

  3. A lot of you all need to lighten up! Great catch

  4. Bjorn Berger says:

    i made the 4 pounder comment because i saw the thumbnail

  5. Bjorn Berger says:

    actually that's close to eight lbs

  6. Bjorn Berger says:

    chill bro that's like a 4 pounder

  7. Max Factor says:

    7 pounds at best – still a nice bass

  8. Keith Bardes says:

    So has your arm been taken by a gator yet? P.S. THERE IS A LOT OF GATORS IN THOSE CANALS!

  9. 2 t-rexs!!! subscribed.

  10. If that’s a nine pounder than your camera had to be zoomed out

  11. Lmao waaaay off on weight there buddy. How you have so many followers is beyond me.

  12. This video just gave me life. Moving to Cape from NY and all I do is go bass fishing lol so happy 😍 btw nice fish 🤙

  13. Billy Jones says:

    No way that’s 9 pounds, if that’s 9 pounds I’ve caught 15 pounders before. Decent bass don’t get me wrong but no way it’s 9 pounds

  14. F2Fishing says:

    Never lay them in the grass!!! Only by accident would I ever let my fish flop on the ground! You had someone to film you! Why lay the trophies on the ground? If you are going to fish out of your own state please try and respect the fish and the anglers that fish these bodies of water… thanks!

  15. M CommissoJr says:

    What part of Florida was this

  16. Hi! Im from San Diego, CA and am visiting family in Boynton Beach next month! I was wondering if you would be so kind to Private message me some general areas of good canal bass fishing! Illl be there for a week and am looking forward to catching some Florida Largemouth!!!

  17. Don tlisten to them haters that was a 9lber haters gonna hate

  18. Cody Messer says:

    I fish that same canal

  19. So liked your video, until you said keep our waters clean and didn't pick up the can…. Really, if you did great but if you didn't and commented on the video then you are horrid. Show that you got rid of the garbage and not let people assume. I pick up trash all the time when I do any rec, you can too.

  20. Troy Johnson says:

    Hope you have learn how to handle fish and estimate the weight by now.. sure you just didn't know better. .

  21. People always forget the scales…. Smh

  22. Tops 5.5 pounds.. not a chance on this planet this fish is anywhere near 9 pounds. And an FWI I live in NJ and 5 pounders are definitely not rare. They're good fish for the state but I definitely wouldn't say rare….

  23. TampaCrizo says:

    Nice pigs bro! just subscribed

  24. Amateur Hour says:

    Great fish man! Loved how hyped you got when you caught those two pigs.

  25. Roman Warner says:

    You're a fucking disgrace pick the fish up off the fucking ground you fucking moron go back up north and stay out of Florida until you learn how to be an actual fisherman you kook googan

  26. Cole Marnell says:

    the second fish was 1 omg this dude tbh is horrible at guessing weight

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