Urban Pond Bass Fishing in Florida

I was able to fish this urban pond in south florida with some awesome bass!

The rods I use: https://favoriteusa.com/

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26 Responses

  1. That was a snakehead and can do put them back in the water u have to kill them

  2. OSM Snipes says:

    Nice video bro!? 👍 New sub happy new year 👌

  3. Nice video brother I’m in South Florida and enjoy fishing down here be great video

  4. Enjoyed that video a lot. Amazing what you can find in those ponds and pans. Ill check out the rest of your channel now.

  5. Can u suscribe to my channel

  6. Dougs camo says:

    Pond. Snakehead.

  7. Pond. Looking forward to seeing you catch a peacock! Good luck.

  8. baked bud says:

    Hope you get your pb while you're down here. What part of florida? I think the peacock bass are south south fl

  9. CMToutdoors says:

    nice video keep up the good work

  10. It's always hard finding good spots that are not private!!

  11. Pond! Have fun down there and catch that peacock!

  12. Dope vid! I just subbed, when u get a chance maybe check out my channel?

  13. Casey Frye says:

    Nice video. I'm from Florida just recently moved to North Carolina 5 months ago. The ponds and lakes in Florida that have the Biggest Bass in them tend to have Hydrilla in the water. Dark Colored baits work the best where I'm from, because of the Stained water. 10 inch Curly tail worms, Zoom Speed Worms, Horny Toads, Lizards, and trick worms work the best In my part of Florida. The colors Florida bass seem to like the best. Are Red, Black, Blue, Purple sometimes white. If you find a pond with sawgrass, try fishing in and around it. Florida big bass love sawgrass.

  14. Cool vids part of the notification squad and pond

  15. cooper mury says:

    Snakehead bro, pond great video!

  16. A M says:

    Pond. Hope you catch a peacock! Seems the canals are pretty good, and also the place to look for peacocks.

  17. Pretty sure that’s not a bowfin. And “pond” btw! Nice video dude!

  18. Great video man. No CAPS IN THE TITLE!!!! For clickbaiting/ attention, straight into the point, explained what you were doing, I have no complaints. Great work my friend

  19. Nice fish bro! Great video!

  20. cool video man keep it up . pond

  21. Jared Tuck says:

    Comment "pond" if you made it to the end! Thanks for watching!

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