Where to catch peacock bass in the Florida Everglades

In this video I share several locations that I have caught peacock bass in the Florida Everglades. I have been fishing these locations for well over 20 years and I always catch lots of fish here. It is common for me to catch over 50 fish in a day and I have had many +100 fish fish days in the Everglades. Most bass I caught in 1 day was 149 bass which I caught here in the Everglades, all on artificial lures from land. That same day I caught an additional +150 fish ( bowfin, gar, other species of fish) so I caught over 300 fish in 1 day. I have taken many people fishing to these locations and they all caught lots of fish. I hope this video helps people find a place to catch peacock bass and other species of fish they have not caught before.

The name of the road I was fishing next to is called Tamiami Trail, also known as U.S. Highway 41. The whole canal system offers very good fishing for many species of fish. Some of the species of fish that can be seen in this video are the following;
1. Peacock bass
2. Largemouth bass
3. Bowfin
4. Florida gar
5. Chain pickerel
6. Bluegill
7. Spotted sunfish
8. Warmouth
9. Redear sunfish
10. Jaguar guapote
11. Oscar
12. Mayan cichlid
13. Blue tilapia
14. Spotted tilapia


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4 Responses

  1. John Ames says:

    Some great looking fish my friend šŸ‘

  2. Peeling Line says:

    Some really nice catches. I had never even heard of the Jaguar guapote before. Great that you show where to catch them. šŸ‘

  3. Nice catches….. Y'all have a bunch of different species over there…… Those ole gators were posted up waiting……. Stay At'um

  4. Wes Lovelace says:

    Good old US 41….You can so many different Slams in the Ditch it's worth the ride across the Glades…..What a variety of Finns!!

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