WHERE'S MY FISH? Monster Snook Trapped Under the Docks Inshore Fishing Florida Video!

In this Florida fishing video we head inshore saltwater fishing on our flats boat! We catch the best live bait for snook, pilchards, in the cast net and we had an action packed day! Catching fish is so much fun, we caught a few snook, jack crevalle, lady fish and more! A giant snook got wrapped up and trapped under a couple docks. It was a struggle trying to free this fish from the pilings, dock and structure under the water! Crazy dock fishing experience! ⇊CLICK BELOW FOR MORE INFO & LINKS⇊

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500p 11.21.19


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28 Responses

  1. since when do we censor her rear end? lol

  2. Dang, i want to go fishing with her.She is a bit naughty and good on the eyes.

  3. HI I enjoy your videos and 7 years old son love you both.I would like to know where did u paint your Outloard engines with the American Flag I love it

  4. BigRooster says:

    Is that her husband in the video?

  5. Don't forget to tear up the reel and doing a major service on it,the salt water definitely got through

  6. Hexagenium says:

    Cant understand why women wear bikinis like that. All of a sudden it becomes too revealing – western Vanity/prudishness. Look at me, but, only at my face!

  7. David Munoz says:

    Awe that sucked I wish you could have bought it in to Darcizzle

  8. David Munoz says:

    Gosh your beautiful Darcizzle

  9. David Munoz says:

    You got a sexy tan line too Darcizzle

  10. David Munoz says:

    I 💘 your dark tan too

  11. David Munoz says:

    Darcizzle I 💘 your sexy bikini too

  12. Team fishing at its best…Great job you two.. 👍✅

  13. Why you never eat snook 😩😩😩😩

  14. Scott says:

    "So I don't break off on the barnacles……dude" hahaha

  15. Great video! I can’t remember the last time I’ve seen pilchards that big inshore. Feels so good having a full well.

  16. Brian should have went in the water

  17. What a gorgeous woman AND she likes to fish? Her man is so lucky

  18. Yesterday we came up with a new drinking game. Every time sizzle drops a fish you have to take a drink. God I’m so hung over today….

  19. Did G make you pixelate?

  20. Love you guys. Your awesome. God bless.

  21. J Dad says:

    Look up Japanise spike brain fish..great teste

  22. Macy Hubbell says:

    Wow, a woman can't even fish without men talking about her ass. 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️ smh. Since I'm a woman, idc if she's covered or not, because I'm actually here too watch the actual fishing, not make inappropriate comments about her body. With that being said, ITS HER FREAKING BODY! If she wants to show it or cover it then she can. And she should be able too do so without any negative comments! Some of you are disgusting. I think some of you are just upset she can out fish you any day. So instead of compensating, how about the men making those stupid comments show some respect or leave.

  23. Hey great video it's a bummer that the big one broke off the leader and got away! This just gives you the excuse to go out there and try again!! Tight lines and looking forward to another great video! 🙂

  24. Matt Ress says:

    Love your passion and dedication to fishing You rock!

  25. When did y'all start blurring lol

  26. Paul Feagans says:

    I grew up learning how to fish by my Grandpa and Grandma both and spent some of the best times saltwater fishing. Love your channel, not only for the variety of fish you go after, but also great to see a beautiful woman who is not afraid of baiting their own hooks and touching their catch! 🙂

  27. Welp there goes all hopes in ever seeing more…it’s ok tho I’ve been watching since 20k subs and it’s mainly because of the awesome fishing footage. I’ve learned a lot also!

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