Wild Shiner Fishing for Suspended Pre Spawn Largemouth Bass – Butler Chain of Lakes

Wild Shiner fishing for suspended pre spawn Largemouth Bass can be productive when it comes to located those big Florida females. But, just because you’re using live bait, doesn’t guarantee trophy-sized results. In this video, I’m fishing with Shaun from LeauxTide Outdoors – http://www.leauxtideoutdoors.com. Check them out!

Shaun and I are at the Butler Chain of Lakes, free-lining wild shiners for suspended pre spawn Bass. But, did we find some big one? Watch the video and find out…

As always…

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Chuck Pippin Jr.
Chuck Pippin Fishing, Inc.


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14 Responses

  1. Love the video, keep it up (:

  2. Hi chuck love the videos sir.i grew up in Orlando you ever fish little lake jasmine. I fished there and lake Conway. I now live near lake chickamauga in Tennessee.

  3. Hard to beat shiner fishing!

  4. Won our January tournament, I'm starting the year off right🎣🎣🎣

  5. Another good video Chuck, as you know, shiners are not my type of fishing, but I'm glad you guys had a good day on the water.

  6. Bo M says:

    I hope he didn't give you too hard of a time after the bowl game…lol. Where are them boys based out of in Louisiana? Haven't heard of them before. I may have told you in past comments I'm in South Louisiana…idk…but we're big LSU fans too. It was good to hear you were UCF though. I'd always assumed Florida Gators…I apologize! Lol.

    Fishing questions: how much do those shiners cost a piece (or do you catch your own)? Also, I don't I've ever saw you fish topwater. Don't care for it? 

    Enjoyed your vid as usual man. Looking forward to the next.

  7. Paul Jensen says:

    Any specific reason your not throwing any artificial?

  8. Another great video. I am jealous cold and snowy here today.

  9. huggyjd says:

    Thanks for sharing your videos. I have learned alot. I live here in Auburndale Fl. I fish as much as possible.

  10. Asapfishing1 says:

    Dude I love shiner fishing especially at Lake Okeechobee!!!! Great job👍🏼👍🏼 hey I just dropped a new video!! Go check it out💥🐟

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