DAM GREAT BASS FISHING TRIP at Rodman Reservoir Florida with KastKing

In this KastKing video Capt. Mikey goes bass fishing with the KastKing crew at the Rodman Reservoir in Florida. It’s a great location for Florida Bass fishing where you can go fishing for monster bass. A dam was created on the Ocklawaha River to create the Rodman Reservoir that flooded miles and miles of natural forest, creating a fishery for Florida strain bass. It is one of the wildest places you’ve ever seen. Every three or four years they open the dam and draw the reservoir down 7 to 8 feet. It’s called the drawdown and Rodman Reservoir is legendary for bass fishing. Watch what happens.

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7 Responses

  1. Malcolm Zoll says:

    Looks like you guys had a great time. 👍

  2. What size Statos boat ?
    I had a 175 first and it would scream with just a 115 Merc. but could get squirrely with a side gust of wind. Traded it in on a factory demo 21' with 250 hp Johnson which I seldom used on the river, just the 24v trolling motor usually. Both were real good boats. Just with two sons and wife needed the bigger one.

  3. M H Airin says:

    Kastking is amazing 👍👍👍👍👍💙

  4. DYTangler says:

    Another great video guys, I know I say it alot but they are. Thats the great thing avout getti g on the water when it was low. A lot of the Lakes I fish do not have topographical maps for them so we find a lot of our structure and our sweet spots by adventuring and searching when the water is low.

  5. CrashBomber says:

    Gorgeous looking lake. I'd love to see it at full depth too. Nice vid!

  6. That looks like an incredible place to fish. Rocky start out there with all the stumps, but the grind paid off with some great healthy fish.

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