Double 11 Pounders ~ Insane PB Fishing for Bass in the Florida Ice!!

Fishing for bass targeting a PB in the Florida winter cold can be insanely epic when you have the fish honed in to a pattern! Took fellow YouTuber Benjamin Nowak to the lake for a few days while he was down from Michigan to target huge pre spawn largemouth bass. We had some trials and we had some travails and hands down this was our craziest day captured all on video! We lay out a few fishing tips and techniques for what to do when faced with a grind day of fishing and it all pays off in the end with Benjamin catching his personal best bass on a crankbait right after locating a school of giant fish on the sonar!

Check out Ben’s channel:


Want to know what we were using and filming with – it’s all right here:

Strike King 10xd

Sunline FC Sniper

You need this graph – Lowrance HDS 12 Carbon:

Mustad Triple Grips (Change your hooks!!!!!)

My Costas

All the camera stuff, the drone, everything you need to shoot vids!


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47 Responses

  1. DUDE! That's a double-up of a lifetime right there, awesome video Mike. I was for real excited for you guys watching the video. To hang up in a couple of legit giants like that is about as epic as it gets. Congrats to you both and good job getting on em. DAAAMN

  2. Jolly Giant says:

    Done go grab lunch No reason to fish anymore that day.

  3. Brad Sales says:

    Awsome videos as always ! Your the man! What do you do for a living? Other than catch monsters!

  4. Mike b says:

    My favorite lake Mikeybalzz and only 20 miles from where I live 😊

  5. emanruiz1 says:

    WHERE IS THIS?!?!?!

  6. Bassman1981 says:

    Mikey Heading out this Saturday to your spot….be nice to catch up learn some more tricks from you

  7. BrianRDub says:

    Great fisherman, you've come a long way since I watched you years ago Mikey. Do yourself a favor and lose the snuff/chew whatever you're using….that shit will kill you. Fish on and always tight lines!!!!

  8. Kaleb Hall says:

    This dude could probably win a big bass tournament

  9. OFF Fishing says:

    That was freaking insane man

  10. Love your videos bud !!!! What a day best double ever 😉 Awesome sauce guys !!!

  11. Bill Capps says:

    Great catch. Also I like Mikes jacket and the dogs sweater. Excellent big bass style on the lake.

  12. Crank Dat. Best double in history.

  13. Love the Quantum Energy Reel's!

  14. Dan Hayes says:

    You both could easily live forty/fifty more years and not have that shared experience again… ‘downright top notch, guys!

  15. Lloyd Flores says:

    Another great videos.

  16. What lake are you fishing? Great fish trip of a life time

  17. Aj Johnson says:

    Why arent pro n winning money bro wth instead you choose youtube thats perty stupid knwing you can fish the flw catchn giants n winning

  18. Unreal the big fish you catch. awesome. Your fish care is awesome but the dog licking every fish make s me cringe. The protective fish slime kinda is important.

  19. Drew Farmer says:

    Insane. Love these videos Mike! I feel like I should go back to the beginning and watch all these in order. Lol. You can really put together a video. Mad props

  20. Jeff Hunter says:

    Damn Bro. You're bite is on fire!!!
    Enjoy this!

  21. Can someone tell me why an Andrew Flair airport vlog has more views than this

  22. Bradyn Booy says:

    nobody is going to watch you if you dip cause nobody wants a drug dude to watch

  23. Paul G says:

    I appreciate that you fish and teach fishing. no gimmicks. and entertaining to watch. come up to St Clair for some giant SMB's 👍

  24. bass man says:

    Man I lost my old YouTube account and have been looking for your channel for a year lol….i was getting you and mike icanelli mixed up….glad I found ya channel always enjoy your vidz

  25. Dude your videos are sick! Any chance you will share this intro track with me?

  26. Ben.d Rods says:


  27. Watcher 01A says:

    WOW. That's about all I can say about this.

  28. I too bought one of those Floral hats, and My Catch ratio went up !

  29. Ha wgtech says:

    Thats the way it goes my PBs have always come on tough days in Winter here in FL. Epic!

  30. DG Boys says:

    When you fish with ballz

  31. Dud you are the best !! Love watching you 2 together!!!

  32. What state is this in guys?

  33. Saylor Myers says:

    Forgive me if I'm wrong but the first fish looked like it was caught on a need rig and I was wondering what bait that was with looked like a senko to me

  34. west777s says:

    Absolutely incredible man! I knew it was gonna be good when I saw the video title. Hats off to both of you guys!!

  35. Laurent P-L says:

    SICKEST double i have ever see !!!! Unfu*##$g belivable !!!

  36. Nice video of monster bass!!! Proud subscriber!!!!!

  37. Omar Faruque says:

    Noob question: Why do you let the fish go back?

  38. BassGeek says:

    Hey man I've got a Quantum older than the one you use in this video and it is smooth as silk. I let a buddy use the last time I out and he couldn't believe it. lol Great job guys.

  39. man guys…this is better than watching googan squad vids lol

  40. Are you kidding me? My PB's a 6.7 ''' I'm gonna loose it once I hit that double digit marker. OK Im hooked. Sub'ing now

  41. yea boys u r the man Mikey u always catch big girls. keep it Rollin man congrats

  42. Incrediable man! Everytime I watch Ben or your video it's just insane!

  43. Conner May says:

    Another great video, you guys are both hammers!

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