Fishing a Spillway for Snook – Exploring New Spots by Foot

In this video, I left the boat at the dock and decided to try fishing a local spillway for snook by Tampa Bay, Florida. I’ve seen this spot by exploring Google Earth and also heard about it from some buddies. I didn’t take long for me to start catching some fish.

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Penn Battle II 4000 Reel:
St.Croix 7′ 6″ Mojo Inshore Medium Rod:
20# braid:
2′ of 25# leader:
1/8 oz jig head:
3/0 1/8oz weighted worm hook:
Z-Man MinnowZ:

GoPro Head Mount:
Fancy Camera:
Camera Microphone:
55-210mm F4.5-6.3 Lens:
Camera SmallRig Cage:

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26 Responses

  1. Carson Gall says:

    What type of reel do you have? And is it cheap?

  2. Any chance you’d be willing to help out a new ramp bay resident with some fishing spots?

  3. Steve Story says:

    Brent, Do you find a 7’ or 7’6” is better for your first salt water setup fishing stuff like this and the beach? Mainly using artificial lures like you. Thanks for any help you can give

  4. Rad one! Been wanting to get into some spillway fishing soon

  5. john hall says:

    Times i been there had hard time finding parking

  6. I go to that spillway all the time haha

  7. I’ve been to that spot before and there was so many snook stacked there they were jumping out the water hitting bait off the overflow, my boy caught a 36 there on a 4” spool-tech

  8. This is the spot where I got my first snook !! It was a 32 inch funny thing I never went back …. Gotta try this weekend ..

  9. One of my favorite spots after a good rain!

  10. FLsurfer 727 says:

    Some nice fish in there 👍

  11. try some finger mullet

  12. Parker Fish says:

    I have never fished the spillway for snook.I will have to try it sometime.I have only fished the lake by it for bass.And on the other side is a good sheapshead spot.Love the video

  13. Yeah that's in Safety Harbor I have fished that spot many times

  14. Chris Cagle says:

    Philippe parkway in safety harbor alligator lake spills into the bay. Been fishing this spot for years if you're a local please dont let this guy stop you from fishing there lmao I wont tell you about the mangroves up the road at this little park with a pond in it though…. 😉 great redfish spot

  15. Brandon Doty says:

    Slayed them back to back out of there creek chubs work amazing!

  16. Nice bro, snook my fav

  17. Freeline a hogleg or 10-16 inch ladyfish, or Mayan cichlid , bigger baits the better if ya wanna get some serious fish, looks like a good spot for huge live baits

  18. John Pinero says:

    1,000 people gonna be there soon😂

  19. PWNMOB mafia says:

    I’m a local and I been trying to find this spot for so long but there big fish everywhere so fuck it

  20. That spot is dink central. But there are times it is on fire. I’ll keep that to myself though 😂🤷🏻‍♂️

  21. M&C Fishing says:

    Seems like everyone already knows about that spot except me lol, oh well I’ll just keep looking for spots to catch my 1st snook any tips??? I’ve never caught one so any tips and tricks would be awesome!

  22. I could share the exact location but why do you not want other up and coming fisherman to not know spots? If we as fisherman would help each other, things would be better for all just saying…..also the second dock to the right is the spot

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