Fishing for GIANT Peacock Bass in Florida feat. HOW TO Tips!

In this Florida fishing video we go inshore fishing on Lake Ida on our flats boat. First time we have done this type of fishing in a very long time! First fish of the day was a beautiful peacock bass on topwater lures. Great day catch multi species targeting fish like peacock bass, sunshine bass, largemouth bass and exotic fish like clown knifefish! ⇊CLICK BELOW FOR MORE INFO & LINKS⇊

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33 Responses

  1. Roy Saxon says:

    What some pretty Bass another great day thanks again guys keep on catching 👍😀👌

  2. Ken Mil says:

    Another great video thanks can’t figure out the losers that thumbs down you guys must be jealous I guess keep up the great work guys awesome 👍👍👍👍🍺💋🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀on next catch

  3. Chip Mattila says:

    Great Father and daughter team!

  4. Exceptional video guys very much enjoyed it!

  5. The video was great. No catch and cook! Keep it up

  6. Glenn G. says:

    We call them "Wipers" a hybrid between a white bass (a.k.a. sand bass) and a striped bass!

  7. Good show, folks. Adding the music was a nice touch. Rock On!

  8. First time I ever saw a peacock bass was out in the middle of a jungle region in Guatemala. Had no idea they were in FL

  9. Tommy Gunz says:

    👁👁👁Do I see the channel name changing to Fishing With Party B…..??????…..

  10. What a way to start the day indeed! Peacock Bass! 👍

  11. Blue Neptune says:

    Best calender shot ive seen was Darcie in the teal rain coat at the corner lot not posing just looking pro- -Genetic superstar Awesome job on that swallowed dehook a couple min later.You guys have evolved ..

  12. Great video darcizzle as always you are beautiful great photo shoots beautiful peacock Bass

  13. John Veazey says:

    Just beautiful 🤘🤟🏻👌👍🤙😍😍🔥🔥🔥

  14. Hey your brand w' Pudding is legendary! Your content/ channel , is easy to recommend to all friends.

    Nashville, Tn.

  15. How do the peacock taste?

  16. crackerxxx says:

    do a shooting iguanas video or catch em and use them for bait offshore

  17. Joe Barrier says:

    Thank you for always being so gentle when releasing your fish back to water. So many other YouTube channels are so cruel in how they are throwing them into the water. The fish's survival rate has a lot to do with how they are released.

  18. DJ Rinker says:

    Yowzeer! 👻💥 Love them peacock!! Party "B"?? Noooo NA, it's still puuud DIN. Those were two good-ens you took the stills with! 😘👍. Love the area your fishing in, the surprise in the covered boat dock was great. SURPRISE 🐟. Cissles the best, always excited about the adventure. 🎣 🌟⭐ Thanks 🙏 🇺🇸

  19. Bobby Vee says:

    Darci. You get more beautiful every day!! You are just a Precious little Lady!

  20. Those hats would look just like a Land Shark visor with Bryan's spiky hair. Get Land Shark to throw in with you and make a mint on these hats. I got my grey hair hat from Party City for $12. It matches my grey beard perfectly. I want to order 20!

  21. walter LYNEM says:

    I like the shoe you are wearing do they make them for men? They look like rubber, do they dry quickly when they get wet? I would like to get a pair for my wife and myself.

  22. Hi Darcizzle and Bryan! Maybe get some fake grey spiky hair hats for bald men and put a Darcizzle logo on it? All your old guy bald fans would buy one!!!!

  23. In my next life i want come back as Puddin'

  24. Patrick Baca says:

    I'm going to Puerto Rico the end of February. Hopefully I can knock peacock bass and other fish off my bucket list. Great video great job you two. Thanks for sharing. Take care.

  25. Big Bird says:

    Trans fishing MTF 😮

  26. Kader Blanka says:

    you are the best couple in the world you are gorgeous both of you I miss you serious kisses of Paris😘😘😘😘😘😘🇫🇷👍

  27. MIAthe305 says:

    Pretty sure Peacock Bass and ClownKnife fish were introduced by the aquarium hobby (the fish outgrows the tank or people get bored and release them into our local waters)

  28. Bill Lehman says:

    Sunshine bass? We call them Wipers up north. Nice bag of peacocks! Love your videos.

  29. Darcizzle been in the game for a minute! Hell yeah girl still rock'n it!!

  30. Kip Kennedy says:

    Totally jealous – wish I were out fishin' with you. Great video, Darcie.

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