Inshore Fishing for Exotic CICHLIDS in Florida! The bite was on FIRE!

In this Florida fishing video, we go inshore fishing on our flats boat at Lake Ida in Delray Beach! We are inshore fishing targeting exotic fish and we had a great day! Catching a variety of fish species like peacock bass, largemouth bass and catfish. One peacock bass was the biggest we have a caught in a long time! Great multi-species fishing! ⇊CLICK BELOW FOR MORE INFO & LINKS⇊

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30 Responses

  1. Puddin u are blessed…. to have a beautiful women and she can clean catch and cook fish.does she have a sister

  2. How can I go fishing with yall

  3. Nice looking fish , great job

  4. Rick LaLande says:

    Nice way to end the day ❤️

  5. Offroad Edge says:


  6. Hey dacizzle, do you have any 2020 calendars? How much are they? How much are your anchor bracelets? Please let me know. My name is Theresa bartz.

  7. Art Thomas says:

    If your transformer is glued in-side your hull and shooting thru the hull it may have come lose and that is why your not getting a good reading on it…if its outside on your transom perhaps check the cables and make sure they are secure also clean the contacts. Just FYI

  8. Great vid guys! I can always count on you to produce high quality vids that are absolutely the best!

  9. Thomas Grafe says:

    Florida: We hate catfish because they have spines.
    Mississippi: Hold my beer.

  10. Brava Darcizzle!!! Saluti da Palermo! You are pink&black, the colors of my soccer team ❤️ Palermo!

  11. Nietlispach1 says:

    Nice colour of her shirt with baiting action.

  12. Mike Kress says:

    Great job! Really nice fish!

  13. aaah tex says:


  14. Brandon Mann says:

    Darcizzle is feisty today that's what you get when you interrupt her sleep

  15. mike cro says:

    Get that woman a coffee at 5am, lol!

  16. ddk56vw says:

    Is there a procedure you have to do with your boat to go between salt and fresh water?

  17. riverakers says:

    Best fisherwoman in florida!

  18. I think Darcizzle has finally jumped the shark . 🙁

  19. Gonna unsub you’re stating to suck

  20. Loving the Daisy Dukes. Love,Pawpaw Blackfeather.

  21. Ken Mil says:

    Beautiful day of fishing guys awesome job

  22. Love the New Opening for Darcizzle. Looks really good. Nice colors like the ocean. Brian, did you ever get Darci that Pony????     lol

  23. xman870096 says:

    Woah just noticed the new logo that is really top notch!!.. And as per usual another fantastic 'Cizzle and Puddin' video…….Great job guys…

  24. TheTRUST8888 says:

    Peacock bass not having the hump on the head DOES NOT automatically make it a female. They all normally don't have the hump. The hump usually appears when they are in spawning mode or are defending a territory.

  25. Great video, this place is beautiful, you have amazing fishing gear, CONGRATULATIONS.

  26. Roy Saxon says:

    Another great day inshore great job on the bass guys thanks again and keep on caching 🙌 😁👍

  27. Steve Burch says:

    Hey Puddin… I am flumoxed. this was another great video but you are doing something I can't figure out. I see your lav mike, but I don't see Darcy's nor her transmitter. I would love to know either where you are hiding the mic and transmitter, or how you are getting such great audio.
    Thanks in advance.

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